Content Creation Ideas to Extend the Reach of Your Blogs

Content Creation Ideas to Extend the Reach

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Developing a stream of content creation ideas is a constant part of every company’s digital marketing strategy. Regardless of the size of one’s social follower count and organic reach, a strong content marketing strategy works smarter, not harder.

It’s no secret that organic search is a critical factor in business growth. One recent study found that 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google Search, Google Images, and Google Maps.

Does this mean publishing blog posts automatically attracts more customers? Not necessarily. However, it does prove that content creation is a vital part of connecting with potential customers.

Writing blog content for a specific target audience requires thoughtful content planning. Relevant, high-quality content includes keyword research and SEO best practices that require time and money. When you repurpose, you eliminate the research and development stage, which is why an intelligent content strategy stretches those dollars further through content repurposing. Let’s look deeper at this content creation strategy, focusing on several ways to reuse blog post content.

Content Creation Ideas for Repurposing Blog Posts

Infographic with content creation ideas for repurposing blog content.

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The goal of reusing content is to reach a larger audience by utilizing different content formats with the same information in your original article. 

1. Create an Infographic

Visual content is a proven method for strengthening a piece of content. Adding an infographic (such as the one above) to a blog post is as simple as taking the article’s headers and organizing them on a template provided by a content creation tool.

Consider these statistics:

  • Infographics can increase web traffic by 12%.
  • Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x more than other types of content.
  • Blog posts with an image every 75-100 words got double the number of social shares than articles with fewer images.

2. Create a Video

Video content adds value to websites in multiple ways. Videos rank separately in Google whether published on YouTube or embedded within a website. 

Similarly to a blog post, video content is easily repurposed. A three-minute video turns into multiple 30-second clips easily shared as web stories, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Stories, and TikTok Reels. 

Not interested in talking on video? No problem! You can easily create videos with words, images, and voice-over recordings. Read more about How to Easily Create Video Content From Old Blog Posts here.

Instagram LinkedIn Carousel-Style Posts

You can identify a carousel-style post on LinkedIn by the number of images included. On LinkedIn, these visually interesting posts are a great way to highlight a long-form article. Uploading PowerPoint or Instagram-style slides to LinkedIn has gone through several evolutions. Whether you call these posts SlideShares or carousels, the content creation idea is the same. Each image in the series should include a short header, a beautiful image, and a sentence summary of the point you’re highlighting. This visual content strategy is similar to creating an infographic. However, the image size guidelines are different on LinkedIn, making infographics challenging to share.

4. Email Marketing

Sending your recent blog posts, infographics, and videos in an email is an ideal way to connect with your target audience. Because your email list includes people who have asked to hear from you, it’s logical to repurpose content in emails.

Because you’ve already done the work to create relevant content for your buyer persona, email newsletters essentially write themselves and add a ton of value. Read more about email marketing on our blog post Don’t Ignore Email Marketing.

5. Quote Memes

Screenshot of Google rankings including quote memes.

Quote memes are the quickest way to repurpose blog content because your strategy involves setting up templates and adding key points from any blog post you want to highlight. Images published on blog posts are searchable independent of written content. When optimized correctly, images will include a link to the source. When you include a featured image or a quote meme in your blog post, you have an additional opportunity to reach your target audience. 

Additionally, Google indexes Facebook and Pinterest links. Even if your blog post doesn’t rank for a keyword, your social media post may! Images are also a great addition to your company’s Google Business Profile. 


At SMA Marketing, we believe a diversified content marketing strategy is the best way to bring blog ideas to life in new ways. When you have valuable content that speaks directly to your audience, you can ensure it’s visible on all your marketing channels by using the content creation strategy of repurposing.

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FAQ Section

How do I get ideas for content creation?

There are a variety of ways to generate content ideas. Social listening, keyword research, and answering questions your current customers ask are all proven ways to get ideas.

What is the best topic for a content creator?

The best topic for a content creator is the one that solves a pain point for your target audience. Stay focused on the products and services you provide.

Why is awesome content important?

Digital marketing content helps you connect with people looking for your products and services.  When you’re content speaks directly to your target audience, you build trust and authority with potential customers.

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