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Our case studies are based on in-depth investigations and analysis of client concerns. Through our findings and targeted solutions, SMA Marketing has consistently produced remarkable results for our clients.

Pillar Strategy Success

Just because you are in a technical market doesn’t mean SEO won’t work for you.

We partnered with a company that develops motion control products for multi-axis robotics systems, and the results have been amazing.

Publishing targeted pillar page content increased clicks by 900% and impressions by 7,400%, establishing the site as a trustworthy and reliable source.

Content Alignment

Knowing your audience is key to creating content that works.

A client who offers online customer service training for CIOs, MSPs and IT managers needed to generate more online interest in their products.

Refining the buyer persona and focusing content on the customer’s needs boosted online course sales, increased clicks by 283%, and increased impressions by 399%

Strategic Social Ads

Growing a local business is all about knowing where to put your budget and how to spend it effectively.

A local Outfitter that offers private land alligator, hog, and thermal predator hunts in Florida needed to increase exposure and grow their revenue.

Leveraging focused and consistent Facebook advertising we saw 70% increase in audience growth.

A Game-Changing
Web Glossary

Quickly accelerate website traffic and establish a noteworthy reputation as an industry leader.

A leading provider of cloud-based SaaS solutions faced stiff competition in organic search results. Using a two-pronged strategy, we focused on developing an industry-specific glossary and creating informative blog posts, and we witnessed remarkable growth.

Organic search traffic soared by 3668%, surging from 2.5k to over 90k per month. Over 1.2K terms secured the top 3 search result rankings, and a 5200% increase in keywords ranking within the top 10 search results.

Disclaimer: These case studies are for illustrative purposes only. Past performance does not guarantee similar results.