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Search Intent and the SERPs: How to Leverage the Search Results to Create a Better Strategy

Understanding the intent of people searching for your products and services online is critical to creating an SEO strategy that will drive results. In this video, I'll share how you can use the search results to understand user intent and the.

What is Technical SEO?

So, you think you’ve mastered SEO, but have you really identified all the necessary elements to find success in search? 

WordLift Review: How to Leverage AI to Improve Your SEO

Semantic Search has forever shifted how SEO should be approached. Today's SEOs need to optimize their pages so that machines can grasp the meaning in the same way their readers can. While this sounds overwhelming, there are some amazing tools on.

Using Facebook Ads for App Downloads

Question for you, how do you increase sales when your product is a mobile app? The answer is easy. Online advertising is the simplest and most effective way to boost mobile app sales. When it comes to online advertising, Facebook offers one of.

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