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We believe websites should be living and breathing and constantly adapting to maximize results. By carefully planning and researching, we create websites that your users actually want to engage with.

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Your website is the first thing most of your potential clients will ever see and it could be the difference between them choosing your business or your competitor’s.  

 How Well Does Your Website Represent You?

responsive-web-design.pngNo matter what industry you are in, people use Google and social media to find answers to their questions. What they find out about your company online is who you are to them. Your ability to accurately convey your story and brand through your website is essential to having success.

Converting your visitors into potential customers takes a lot more than flashy graphics and fancy features. Smart companies across the country are positioning their websites as a resource for their customers and searching prospects.

By shifting the focus of your website and reaching out to offer helpful resources to your prospects, you build trust and credibility with your audience. Instead of just getting found by potential customers, you begin to convert those visitors to leads with relevant content and then nurture those leads into life-long customers. 

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Shouldn't Your Site Just Simply Work? 

Easy to Manage & Update

Most of the time we build our sites on the Hubspot COS or Wordpress. Both platforms allow us to deliver a product with lightning-fast performance, full security, search engine optimization, and incredible support. Even better, both of these platforms make your new site simple for you to manage and use. You will never have to go through an IT department to make simple changes ever again. 

Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Today, more people are using mobile devices to search the internet than computers. If your site is not mobile friendly, your losing business. Need more proof? Check out these industry facts.

  • 48% of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn't working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring. (Source: MarginMedia)
  •  62% of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile had increased sales. (Source: Econsultancy)

You need a web design agency that thinks mobile first. Our fully responsive design services ensure that your website will not only look great, but work great as well, no matter what device your visitor is using. 

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Growth-Driven Design: A Smarter Alternative to Traditional Web Design

Growth Driven Design - Web Design Melbourne FLYour website is your most important marketing asset. Isn’t it about time you start treating it that way? The traditional website design process is broken. Most projects end up going out of scope, over budget and more often than not, are delivered late.

The worst part of traditional web design is that we have no way of really knowing if we are delivering the best possible options. The traditional way we’ve approached website design has a great deal of systemic risk and wasted opportunity. Stop settling and start growing with a website that grows around your users.

Growth Driven Design helps ensure that you are spending your time attracting the right visitors and closing better leads which results in a better ROI and faster revenue growth. Growth Driven Design puts your website at the heart of your marketing efforts and helps maximize the results of both your SEO and Inbound Marketing campaigns. It’s time to take your growth seriously with Growth Driven Design.

How Growth Driven Design Works


Minimize Risk. Maximize Results.

It all starts with in-depth research. We start with looking at past data, creating detailed buyer personas and attaching smart goals to the numbers. Next we develop a global and page-level strategy in order to create a website that delivers maximum results. Strategizing and carefully planning allows us to take a systematic approach that shortens the launch time of your site. By getting your new site up sooner, we can begin to track user data, which will determine where we go next. This helps avoid the risks of the traditional web design guessing game while maximizing the results with real data.

Always Growing & Improving 

Because Growth Driven Design is an ongoing process, your website never gets stale. By constantly researching, testing and learning about your visitors and how they are interacting with your website, we make informed, ongoing improvements based on real user data. This eliminates the guess work and helps make sure your website is running at peak performance. Because your users drive the process, your site will become more and more optimized for them, which means better ROI for you. Stop the cycle of redesigns and start growing with a website that is always improving. 

Better Marketing & Sales

Growth-driven sites evolve around your visitors and how they engage with the content and elements on your website. Because of this, we learn a lot about the people who visit your site. The information we gather in this process is extremely valuable and can be transferred into all other areas of your business. From improving your overall marketing strategy to equipping your sales team with powerful information on your prospects, Growth Driven Design can transform your website into a vital part of your business growth plans.

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We like to think we're pretty good at what we do.
Our clients seem to feel the same way.

Shelley Media Arts was a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed working with Ryan and his team and feel they were able to take our information and deliver our vision. The company delivers a high quality product in a time and cost effective manner. I would recommend the company to anyone looking for professional website development or inbound marketing solutions.

Jason Jones Sentry View Systems

It's funny how we all have them but they are not doing what we expect them to. Shelley Media Arts helped us be very professional with a wide range of ideas and concepts to help put us on the front page, all for a fair price compared to what I saw in the market elsewhere. Their help has put us in touch with many clients that may not have looked at us if not for the sharpness of our site.  If you haven't tried  Shelly Media Arts, you're missing the boat. I know it gives us an edge and all of us here at All Florida Urethane Inc. 

Don Smith All Florida Urethane Inc

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much will a website redesign cost?

Honestly, you'll find a wide range in web design prices. Here at Shelley Media Arts, our web design services start at $2,000. A typical website project will range between 3K and 8K. If you are interested in Growth-Driven Design, that works on a retainer pricing model, let us give you an estimate. 

How long will my website project take?

For most website projects, you can expect a development time of around 3-6 weeks. Note,  this largely depends on your ability to get content and feedback to us in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines we set and most of our projects are finished well within the estimated timeframe that we've agreed upon at the beginning of the arrangement.

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