SEO Intensive

Building a solid foundation for your business’s success in organic search begins with a Blueprint.

SEO Intensive

Frustrated with Your Lack of Visibility in Organic Search Results?

It’s difficult to gain visibility in organic search when you are experiencing issues like these:

  • You just launched a new site, but it’s not appearing in search results.
  • Your competition is outranking you for key search terms.
  • You don’t have helpful content on your website or your content lacks focus.

Lay a Solid Foundation to Grow Online Visibility

Our signature product, The SEO Intensive, offers a deep dive into all aspects of your site that impact your visibility in search results. This is a crucial first step in creating a customized SEO strategy for your business and industry.

A typical client sees, on average, a 25% increase in organic traffic within the first 30 days after the Intensive. 

Get Started

The SEO Intensive & Blueprint

Rather than jumping right into tactics, we start with a complete SEO and content analysis to fully understand your business, your market, and how organic search can drive traffic to your site. This allows us to get better results faster.

During this 7-week engagement, we perform the following:

  • Conduct an SEO audit of your website
  • Investigate your competitors’ search strategy
  • Review the current state of your SEO and content marketing, looking for opportunities to expand your reach online
  • Perform technical and on-page optimizations to give your website a solid foundation for success in organic search
  • Deliver an SEO Blueprint that recommends the right approach for your business, saving you time and improving the ROI of your digital marketing efforts

See What’s Included in Your SEO Blueprint

We’ll review the keywords you and your competitors currently rank for and uncover new opportunities based on the questions your target audience is asking.

We’ll take a close look at your competitors’ websites and examine their traffic sources and compare your keyword rankings to theirs to discover the areas where you can improve.

We’ll review the structured data on your site and conduct an SEO audit, then make recommendations to fix high-priority issues, add schema markup, and recover lost traffic.

We’ll review the content on your site, looking for opportunities to restructure current content and develop new content to attract buyers using target keywords.

During this 30-day sprint, we fix, correct, and optimize the issues impacting your site’s visibility. We also begin implementing the semantic optimization that will help your site become machine-readable for today’s advanced AI-driven search engines.

We’ll review your site’s current traffic data to determine which channels are currently driving website visits and which channels present the most growth potential. 

Based on our SEO audit, content review, and keyword research, we’ll create a customized SEO action plan and content strategy to attract your buyer persona and achieve your business goals.


The SEO Intensive is a 7-week project consisting of research and audits. While we’re conducting the research discussed above, 3 meetings will take place between our team and yours.

Here is a look at the timeline and a summary of each call:


Business Review


SEO Blueprint Part 1


Strategy Creation


Keyword Research & SEO Audit


Begin Foundational Optimization


SEO Blueprint Part 2