An Individual Approach to Marketing

Personalized marketing, also know as one-to-one marketing or individual marketing, is a strategy based on leveraging data analysis and digital technology to deliver individualized messages and product offerings to your current or prospective customers.


While technology is used to collect the data and help the marketer deliver their personalized message, personalization starts with a better understanding of the people a marketer is trying to reach. Personalization is about creating a more human connection using the tools we have available. The only way you can achieve that is if you actually understand your audience. 

 Connect With Your Visitors in a More Personalized Way!

When it comes to sharing your company's story online, context is everything. With more and more people going online to search for solutions to their problems, businesses that connect are the ones that will make a ruckus. Taking a personal approach to marketing is all about framing your message in a way that invites your visitors to engage. Our unique position as personalization experts allows us to connect you with and use the most powerful website personalization tools available today. 

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Why Should Your Prospects Choose You?

"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it." - Simon Sinek

Your prospects are people. The businesses that create personal connections develop relationships that go way beyond the sale. By customizing the user's experience, educating them and sharing the why behind your business, we help build trust. Personalization is a more human approach to digital marketing. See how we increased our own leads by 300% in just 7 days using personalization. 

Real-Time Personalization Unlike Anything You've Seen Before

By leveraging own knowledge, experience and cutting edge technology, we can add real-time personalization to your website, professional publications, social networks or email. Taking an individual approach to content marketing, it allows us to offer the most relevant content to your audience - automatically, in real time. 

Insuring your audience is being exposed to the content that's most relevant to them is the key to converting quality leads. Using this same strategy on our site, we've seen up to 95% increase on website conversions, up to 29% native ads conversions, and reducing social retargeting cost by 52%.

Our team can integrate a personalzation strategy  seamlessly into your digital marketing efforts no matter the platform you are using. Whether you’re a marketer, business owner or entrepreneur, we have a solution that will work for you!

Just a Few Things We Can Do For You:

  • Real-time personalization
  • Fully automated, no configuration
  • Fully customizable
  • Unique content analytics
  • Leading MAP integration: Hubspot, Marketo, Act-on, Uberflip, Mailchimp
  • Across the decision journey - company‘s website, professional publications, native ads, social retargeting, newsletters
  • Automated content updates discovery
  • Geo-targeting
  • Account-Based Marketing

Learn How Personalization Can Help Boost   Your Brand and Increase Sales

Target. Connect. Grow.

For B2B businesses, we can fuse the power of personalized marketing and Account-Based Marketing to create connections that convert. Personalization will address all of your audience and, at its core, is about making your message as relevant as possible to each individual. Account-Based Marketing is a highly targeted marketing strategy that focuses on a relatively small number of individual accounts and their special needs.

According to Zoominfo, 60% of those who have employed ABM for at least a year attribute revenue increases to its use.

The Benefits Of Personalized Account-Based Marketing


Easier to Track Performance

Since ABM is inherently about quality over quantity, all campaigns consist of smaller sets of data. When compared with the vast set of metrics and analytics that span your database, it is much easier to track and measure performance.


It’s Relevant And Appealing

Personal content offers can increase engagement by up to 300% and drive conversions by up to 125%. This is because contextualized content is much more appealing and relevant to your prospects’ business and stage in the decision journey.


Focuses Your Resources

ABM is a highly targeted method focusing resources and marketing campaigns around targeted accounts. This will impact the way you think about sales and marketing, how you align the two, and the types of campaigns you will execute.


Better Sales Alignment 

ABM campaigns align sales and marketing in a way that few other methods can. Using ABM, we work closely with sales to identify those key accounts and create campaigns to pursue them throughout the sales process.

What if you could present the most relevant content to every visitor, every time?

See Plans & Pricing Choose a Personalized Solution to Meet Your NeedsBy teaming up with us, you could see an increase of 230% more leads. Our customized campaigns leverage advanced targeting capabilities to ensure you see a positive ROI. So what are you waiting for?