Meet the Team

The people who make the magic happen.

Meet the Team

We are a group of resourceful entrepreneurial marketers from across the globe and the work we do at our agency is never less than exceptional. This comes from a curious mindset and a steadfast commitment to dig deep, ask tough questions and find ways to get the best results for our clients.

We attract world-class clients because our results speak for themselves.

We are an exemplary place to work because we care about the whole person.

We invest in our people to help them grow in mind, body, and spirit.

We compensate our people above the industry average and help them level up professionally.

Ryan Shelley

CEO – Founder

Ryan launched SMA Marketing in 2009 and has helped hundreds of companies expand their online visibility while becoming a sought-after SEO expert.


Rhonda Bavaro


Rhonda leads all things “people and processes” with her ability to see the big picture while managing the small details.


Haley Zimmerman

Executive Assistant

Haley keeps us moving in the direction of our goals. She excels at administration, writing content, and onboarding new clients.


Bridget O’Connor

Creative Director

Bridget has a deep passion for web design. She leads her innovative web dev team in building and maintaining fully functional websites while ensuring client satisfaction from beginning to end.


Beth Walker

Content Manager

Beth is a published author, passionate about storytelling and developing creative content strategies to help our clients achieve their goals.


Jared Stanton

Digital Advertising Manager

Jared leads our clients’ digital advertising campaigns with a relentless focus on driving qualified leads and optimizing spend.


Amanda Fallace

SEO Manager

Amanda brings a passion for results to her SEO Manager role, leading our forward-thinking strategies to improve organic search visibility.


Jerom Lagang

Technical SEO Specialist

Jerom is an expert in all things technical SEO. His superpower is ensuring our clients’ sites are error-free and optimized.


Tony Foix

Local SEO Specialist

Tony is dedicated to helping our local clients grow. His Local SEO expertise is a huge part of our clients’ success.


Nicole Sudduth


Nicole is an outstanding finance consultant. Her exceptional leadership has enabled SMA to exceed its financial goals year over year.


A Virtual Team Spanning North America and Beyond

We provide exceptional and strategic digital marketing services that help businesses markedly increase their brand’s visibility, authority, and trust.

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