Differentiation is the Key to Success

Finding what set them apart helped this brand grow in online influence. 

Finding What Makes You Special

"It takes the entire team to win the race, but one can lose it." This quote nicely sums up the mentality of Novel Engineering. This team of engineers has delivered innovative results for a number of high-profile clients across the globe. We came alongside Novel to amplify their message and brand online.

Where We Started

As a young, woman-owned engineering firm, Novel was looking for ways to increase its exposure in the industry. They understood that digital marketing was important to their long-term success, yet were not quite sure where to begin.

Our Assessment

After meeting with Novel, we saw their passion and forward-thinking approach to many of the problems companies in the technical space face. Their solid grasp of Model-Based Systems engineering and experience in building and deploying teams of engineers to augment large projects were huge differentiators.

The Results

We created a new online experience for their users by fusing psychographics and web design. By working with domain experts and their business development team, we’ve been able to deliver engaging content marketing and lead generation services that align with their mission and goals.

Services We Provided:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Website Design


Campaign Highlights

  • 22.35% Increase in pages/session.
  • 22.87% increase in time on site.
  • 26.6 % Average landing page conversion rate. 
  • 12.09% Increase in Organic Traffic.