Giving Back

We are passionate about helping small businesses around the world.

Giving Back

At SMA Marketing, we’re passionate about helping small business owners grow. This is why a percentage of every new retainer we sign goes into our Kiva Fund, where we use the money to extend microloans to small business owners worldwide. 

As Kiva’s loan recipients repay the money we lent, our portion is returned to our account, allowing us to re-lend the funds to new borrowers of our choosing. We look so forward to our meetings where we get to lend money to Kiva. We feel that this is the best part of our meetings!

Since establishing our Kiva Fund in 2017, our team has lent over 50 loans to small business owners in 24 countries. 

In addition to Kiva, SMA supports various organizations and ministries our team believe in. Through the years, we’ve supported our school extracurricular activities in various communities throughout the US as well as parachurch ministries, mission trips, and organizations such as Pre-Born. 

What is Kiva

Kiva’s mission is “to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive.” As a non-profit micro-lending platform, Kiva is a place where low-income entrepreneurs and students who need a loan and internet-based lenders can connect with one another.

Serving Global Communities

SMA Marketing is a global company with employees around the world. In December 2022, we were pleased to donate to an outreach program at Suarez Elementary School, Kinoguitan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines, organized by one of our team members.

The program donated:

  • Child-sized raincoats 
  • Pads, crayons, scissors, sharpeners, and bond papers
  • Coin banks used to teach children how to save money
  • Jollibee Chicken for lunch; a special treat for the school children! 
  • 55 kls sack of rice to the teachers in the school