Digital Advertising Intensive

Building brand awareness and driving leads to your website through digital advertising begins with a Blueprint.

Digital Advertising 

Frustrated with Your Current Ads Performance?

It’s difficult to attract qualified leads via digital ads when you’re experiencing issues like these:

  • Your competition’s ads are outperforming yours.
  • Your current ads aren’t optimized and you’re advertising on the wrong platforms.
  • You don’t have an in-house team to execute your digital advertising strategy.

Driving Leads Starts with a Blueprint

The Digital Advertising Intensive is our signature PPC audit. We use our research and analysis to deliver a Digital Advertising Blueprint for your ads strategy, saving you time and improving the ROI of your ad spend.

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The Digital Advertising
Intensive & Blueprint

The Digital Advertising Intensive is a deep dive into your current advertising campaigns (if any) and those of your competitors. We begin with keyword research and a PPC audit to uncover opportunities to leverage paid advertising on the platforms that will provide the best reach.

Next, we conduct competitor research, a crucial step in creating a customized digital advertising strategy that delivers business results. The Digital Advertising Intensive ensures that we take the right approach for your business, saving you time and improving your ROI.

See What’s Included in Your
Digital Advertising Blueprint

We review your target keywords and research keyword opportunities you may be missing.

We run a PPC audit to analyze your current ad performance and research other digital advertising channels relevant to your industry and target audience.

We review your competitors’ ads on relevant digital platforms, looking for opportunities to expand your reach.

Using the audit, research, and competitor data, we look for opportunities to expand your reach and attract buyers via paid ads.

We create a customized strategy and a proposed budget. We lay out a 12-Week Plan of Action to drive traffic and conversions from digital ads.


The Digital Advertising Intensive is a 3 to 4-week project consisting of research, audits, and strategy development.

Here is a look at the timeline and a summary of each call:


Welcome Call


Blueprint Presentation


Advertising Audit


Begin Digital Advertising
Retainer Execution