It’s all about creating connections.

Our Company

We believe in the power of digital platforms to bring people together.

When he started Shelly Media Arts in 2009, Ryan Shelley aimed to build a different type of digital agency, one that creates meaningful connections built on trust. Instead of following trends, SMA Marketing focuses on helping companies attract buyers online through a persona-centric approach and proven SEO strategies.

SMA is a leader in SEO, digital advertising, and web design, helping our clients reach their business goals through authentic connections with their audience. Our strategic digital marketing services help businesses increase the visibility, authority, and trust of their brand.

We focus on the metrics that matter to our clients and provide transparent data. Our data analysis and reporting help our clients understand their online visibility and how it affects their revenue.

Our convictions and values guide our commitment to exceptional results for our clients. We use our talents to make a positive impact on the world and seek to do good in every action.

  • We are a group of entrepreneurial marketers from across the globe who have a passion for learning and improving. 
  • We believe in authenticity and honesty in our work and our relationships.
  • We care about our clients’ wins as much as our own. 
  • Execution is everything. We do work right the first time.
  • We believe we have a duty to give back.
  • We don’t settle for the mean. We seek to do more than we are asked!

We are passionate about helping our clients get results. We know there are no shortcuts to success, and we are committed to doing the hard work to help our clients achieve their goals.

Contact Us:
1 321 431 3311

Contact Us:
(321) 431-3311