Why Blogging is Still Important

Why Blogging is Still Important

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Do you blog? Blogging is a great way to get fresh, personalized, and keyword-rich content onto your site. But with so many people blogging, is it even worth the time and energy? In this week’s SMA Marketing Minute, we are going to take a look at why blogging is still important and how you can create a blog your users will want to engage with. 

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What’s going on everybody, I’m Ryan Shelley and you’re watching the SMA Marketing Minute. Today I want to talk briefly about blogging and why you should blog too. There are so many blogs on the internet, millions upon millions. By just adding another blog, you’ll probably get lost. Right? That’s probably what you’re thinking. What’s the point? Everyone else is doing it, why should I do it too?

Well, the power of blogging is the ability to add your personality to your website. It’s a place where you can give insight to your viewers, visitors, to your prospects, leads, who you are, the way you do business, and the way you want to connect with your clients and customers.

Blogging is something that I believe should be very personal. Should be a place where you write really naturally and be authentic. And you can share helpful information and helpful tips. That’s going to add value to those coming to your website.

It’s also a great way to bring visitors back to your website. If you’re posting on a regular basis and you’re posting stuff that they like, they’re going to come back and start to engage with your content a little bit more.  It’s also a great way to drive leads. Adding calls to action at the end of your blog posts is a great way to take those readers and convert them into leads.

Blogs allow you to be you! They allow you to be open and authentic on your website about who you are, what you want to do, and how you want to help people. Start posting as frequently as you can. Don’t try to overdo it and “I’m going to blog every day for the rest of my life.”  You know, shoot for things you can actually achieve, short-term goals that you can accomplish. And then continue to work from there. As your users engage you’ll learn what types of content they like, and what types of content they don’t and your blog will just get better and better.

So get out there, get your blog going. Create great content, and engage with your customers. Happy marketing everybody and we’ll see you next week.

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