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Who are my buyers and what do they actually want?

Dec 16, 2015
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Who are your buyers? Do actually know or are you just guessing? Many business owners and entrepreneurs put a lot time and energy into developing their product or service. Unfortunately, most of them don’t take the time to figure out who their product or service is for.  In order to have a successful business and develop marketing strategies that work, you must know who you are targeting. In this episode of the SMA Marketing Minute, we hope to inspire you to ask yourself the hard questions and press you towards truly learning who your buyers really are.

“Don't find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” ― Seth Godin

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Video Transcript:

What’s up everybody? You are watching the SMA Marketing Minute and I am Ryan Shelley. Who are your buyers? Who are your marketing to? Who are the people you are trying to get your products and services in front of? 

A lot of times, for many businesses, this is based off a hunch, based off of a feeling, based off of something they think is true. And a lot of times it's easier to go with what we think is true because it’s safe. Because we don’t have to ask the hard questions and we don’t have to possibly end up at the result that maybe, we’re doing it wrong. “Maybe these aren’t the buyers I thought I had, or maybe this isn’t the product that they want.” 

But in order to have a successful business, and to grow your business, especially online, you have to understand your buyers. Understand who they are. Understand their life. Understand their buying process and what they actually want.

It’s not about us. It’s not about our products. It’s not about our services. It’s about our buyers. And if we can understand who they are and can understand how they act, how they live their lives, we can create products and service for and around them.

So I want to ask you today, just to take this challenge and ask yourself, “Who are my buyers and what do they actually want?”

Check out the template below. It’s a buyer persona template. It’s a free download you can check out to help you start to answers some of those questions, so that you can create better products and services for the people you actually want to reach. 

I’m Ryan Shelley, this is the SMA Minute. Happy Marketing!

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Ryan Shelley, CPBI

By Ryan Shelley, CPBI

Ryan is passionate about helping companies make a more personal connection online with their customers and prospects. He is a regular contributor to Search Engine Land, the largest and most popular SEO news site on the web. His works have also been featured on the HubSpot Blog, Business2Community and by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

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