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What’s the purpose of your website? This is a question every website owner must ask themselves. The reason is the purpose of your site, along with your buyer persona’s preferences, should dictate your design, structure, content, and everything else about your website. In order to create a website that works for your business and gets good rankings in organic search, defining your purpose is the first and most important step. So check out this week’s episode of the SMA Marketing Minute to learn more.  

Video Transcript: 

What’s going on everybody, I’m Ryan Shelley and you are watching the SMA Marketing Minute.  Today I want to talk about your website and more importantly the purpose of your website. Back in November 2015, Google released the entire document of the Search Quality Evaluators Guidelines. This is the first time they have ever done it and this document is 160 pages of what Google expects the evaluators to look for when rating the search quality of a page or of a mobile search engine result, or what we call the SERPs right.

While I do suggest you read the whole document, if you own a website, because there is a ton of helpful information, I did do a brief overview to kind of help give you a basic outline of what Google is actually looking for and how that impacts your website.  You can check out the link here.

But what I wanted to talk about today is a word that I found throughout the whole document. It kept coming up over and over again. And that was the word “purpose.”  What is the purpose of a website?  And really it’s, why does your website exist? Why did you create your website? A lot of time I think we overanalyze words like purpose because they seem so big and grandiose, right?  But honestly, we can get right down to the nitty-gritty and ask this simple question.  “Why do I do what I do?”  Why do I run my business? What is the purpose of my business? Is it to connect somebody to a product, is it to connect somebody to a service, is it a way to connect people between two products and services? That’s a really easy way to help find your purpose.

And then what do you do? How does that translate online? Well, you build your website and your content around that purpose. And what that’s going to do is, it’s going to be very helpful to the user because they are going to know exactly who you are and what you’re about. And then it’s going to really help your search engine results as well because it’s going to help the search engine know who you are and what you’re about.  Then they will help connect you with the people looking for your products and services to your website that clearly defines it by its purpose. 

So whether you’re redesigning your site, or you’re designing a new site, or maybe you need to go back over your site right now and think about what the purpose is for your website’s existence. And then begin to share that through your site’s content.

This was the SMA Marketing Minute for this week. We hope you guys enjoyed it and if you have any questions, please comment below. We look forward to connecting with you and we will see you next week

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The SMA Marketing Minute is for business owners who are looking to improve their reach online, but don’t have a lot of time to research online marketing strategies. Each video will be 1 to 2 minutes long and focus on a specific and actionable element of online marketing that any business owner can do on their own without a lot of time involved.

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