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Today’s episode is focused on Growth Driven Design. Growth Driven Design is a smarter alternative to the traditional website design process. In this video, we are going to give a brief description of Growth Driven Design and how it is challenging how websites are being built.

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What’s going on online marketing world, I am Ryan Shelley and you are watching the SMA Marketing Minute. We are coming to you from the headquarters here at Shelley Media Arts and today we are going to be talking to you about Growth Driven Design. What is Growth Driven Design?  Well, it’s a smarter alternative to the traditional web design process.

Traditional web design has a lot of inherent risks because you’re kind of blindly going in with a lot of hypotheses and a lot of them haven’t really been thought through. A lot of the major designs, tweaks, and add-ons, are really based on their own personal likes, instead of thinking about their users and what their users are looking for, things that will help their users move along the buyer’s journey. And hopefully to a path of conversion.

What we do instead, is we build a scaled-down version of your site. This helps us launch your site faster, break your site down to the things you absolutely need, and each month we start to track the data, and track how users are interacting with your site. One of our favorite tools is Hotjar, where you can really see how people are getting involved with your site.

This helps us to make educated decisions and keep your site fresh. We don’t believe you should just set it and forget it. A website should be living and breathing. This helps to not only inform our marketing decisions, but our sales decisions as well because we understand our buyers better than ever.

So each month we are making these tweaks, we’re making these changes, we’re adding new features and removing things that don’t work in order to make a website that actually works for your business and helps you meet your business goals.

If you want to learn more about Growth Driven Design, we have a ton of content on our blog. I’ll make sure to post a link at the bottom of this video where you can check that all out. And we even have a free eBook where you can really learn the basics. It’s called “An Intro to Growth Driven Design.” So check those things out. We hope you found this informational. Growth Driven Design is an awesome new thing and we really recommend you check it out. It’s really going to be the future of web design.

So thanks for joining us this week and we will see you next week on the SMA Marketing Minute.

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