3 Ways Your Website Design Impacts Your SEO

3 Ways Your Website Design Impacts Your SEO

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All websites are not created equal. Having a great website design can be the difference between you outranking your competition or being stuck on page 2 of the search results. Why? Because Google says so! With 58% of the market share, they are still the boss. Since they set the rules, if we want to rank, we must play by them. Over the last few years, Google’s algorithm updates have been centered around the user and their experience on your website.

Below we will lay out 3 simple ways to maximize your SEO efforts with a better website design.

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Your website is the foundation to your digital marketing efforts, and now due to smarter search engines, it is more important than ever. So it’s time to maximize your SEO and other digital marketing efforts by creating sites that give the searchers and the engines what they want.

1. Content: Give Them What They Want

Why do we consider content a design element? Well, because content is King. Users visit your site looking for information. They are in search of something and how you deliver that answer matters. It’s not just what you have to say but how you say it. Here are a few things to consider with your site’s content.

  • Put the first things first: Make sure the main topic is “above the fold” – Don’t make them search for it.
  • Keep it simple: Be clear and use words your users will understand.
  • Keep it brief: More isn’t always better. Say what you need to and forget the rest.

2. Speed: Give It To Them Fast

How often have you left a site because it took too long to load? We live in a very fast pace culture that has instant access to almost anything. Speed matters. Trim the fat and make sure your code is clean. Users want what they want, right now. So give it to them. Google also tracks this. If you have slow load times they will factor this into your rankings and will be less likely to rank you over a faster more efficient site.

3. Flow: Give Them Clear Direction

How easily a user can get to the desired information on your site is a big deal. When designing your site think about the flow. Where and how does your navigation work? What content should be at the top and with what graphics? Do I find the website informative as well as pleasantly interactive? Ask yourself these few questions for each page of your site. If you have great content but no one can find it then who cares! Take the time to develop a great flow and more traffic will flow to you as a result! (Corny… but true!)

A better website means a better foundation for all of your digital marketing efforts. As Matt Cutts (Google’s Head of Search) says, “What’s good for the user is good for Google.” This means we have to pay more attention to our website design and the impact it has on the user. By creating a website that gives the user the best content, fast and easy, we will set ourselves and our sites up for success in our SEO campaign.

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