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"That's a Great Web Design Melbourne FL" - 3 Local Websites We Love

Jun 9, 2015
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When it comes to judging who has the "best" website around, we understand that it's completely subjective. I think we all can agree on the fact the what really makes a website great is one that keeps us coming back for more. This post is all about local websites in Melbourne FL that I feel really show off how great this Central Florida beach community is. 

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Disclaimer: In order to be a fair as possible, none of the sites on this list are web designs we have built. Of course we would put all of our local sites on this list, but we wanted to share the love and branch out a bit.

The sites we picked for this post were ones that had us at the first click saying to ourselves, "That's a great web design Melbourne, FL!"

Surf Guru

web design melbourne fl

Melbourne Florida is located in the heart of Florida's surf culture. Surfing is a huge part of this community and tracking the next swell is a huge deal. Surf Guru started with tracking the best local spots in Brevard and has since branched out to cover all of Florida and Costa Rica. What makes this web design so great is that it delivers exactly what the users needs, wave reports and cams. But it does so in a very clean and easy to use way. Great web design Surf Guru! 

Destination Brevard

web design brevard county fl

If you're looking for something to do locally, this website is a hub of information. Their reach expands far beyond Melbourne and South Brevard. They cover every event, restaurants and attraction in our area giving detailed, personal reviews that speak right to the user. Their website looks and feels great. It has gone through a few re-designs over the last few years and the improvements show! My favorite is the temp and average local gas price at the top right.  Great web design Destination Brevard! 

321 Boat Club

Melbourne FL website designWater sports are a part of life here in Melbourne FL, and 321 Boat Club's website shows it off! This simple, yet elegant site does a great job of showing off one of Central Florida's favorite past times. What drew us to the site was the great blue tones and easy to use flow of the design. It's a great site that delivers what the user is looking for. Great web design 321 Boat Club!


What we love most about these designs is that they invite you to go deeper. Your web site is the front door to your business for a majority of your leads, so giving a great first impression is imperative. Want to show off your web design Melbourne FL? Comment below and share a pic.  

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