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The Top 10 Facebook Marketing Statistics Every Business Should Know

The best digital marketing strategies incorporate a variety of touch points. While social media shouldn't be the only place you spend time promoting your business, it is a great way to expand your digital reach for free.  When it comes to.

6 Steps to Create a Social Media Calendar

To be effective in social media marketing, you need to stay organized. The easiest way to create a cohesive social media strategy is by developing a social media calendar. This document will help you stay organized and reduce the time you spend.

7 Ways to Use Instagram for Your Small Business (Without Spending Money)

While running a small business, you need to make every dollar stretch as far as you can - even your marketing budget. Many small business owners typically focus on things seen as more important than social media. However, some platforms have.

10 Easy Tips to Building a Better LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is the world's leading social media platform for business professionals. It's growing fast. In 2015, LinkedIn had about 380 million users. That number grew to 660 million users in 2019.

If you’re in business, then LinkedIn is a must for.

Which Social Media Platforms Are Worth Your Time?

Since the Pew Research Center began tracking social media usage in 2005 two things are clear. First, there are more people using social media every year. Second, the amount of time that people people spend on social media increases every year.

30 Visual Content Tools to Increase Engagement in 2020


If “content is king” then the crown jewels are visual content.

The last time you were scrolling through your favorite social media channel, what made you stop in your tracks? Odds are it was a stunning visual that made you pause, think and.

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