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Top 5 SEO Optimization Strategies for Your Website

There are a lot of search engine ranking factors that determine your website's position in the Search Engine Results Pages  (SERPs). This, in combination with Google's ever-changing algorithm, can make  SEO tough to execute effectively.

An Introduction to Google's Webmaster Guidelines

Anytime there is a major algorithm update, Google always points SEOs to their Webmaster guidelines. When was the last time (if ever) that you read through those guidelines? In this video, I'll do an introduction to the most important concepts.

On-Page SEO: A Simplified Guide to Getting it Right

On-page search engine optimization is one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO . Having a page that is optimized for both the user and the search engines is crucial for a successful search strategy.
SEO is more than higher search.

3 Key Differences Between Bing SEO and Google SEO [2021 Update]

Within the last few years, Bing has continued gaining traction, comfortably holding the second position of the search engine market, behind its leader, Google. Ensuring your website is optimized is the safest way to ensure your site can be found.

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