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What SEO is and More Importantly is NOT!

For a long time, all most businesses needed was a simple website that proved their company existed to potential prospects. While these “brochure sites” did serve a purpose, they weren’t created to drive new business. Today’s consumer begins their.

Backlinks for Beginners (7 Types of Links)

Backlinks are a foundational component of SEO. While the practice of acquiring links can seem daunting, with a little brainstorming and knowing what to look for, you can begin to build high-quality links to your website. In the video below, I.

Do Keywords Still Matter for SEO?

With the rise of RankBrain, Machine Learning and other aspects of today's dynamic search engines I've seen a lot of content that tries to discount the fundamentals of search. This includes proclamations that links, keyword research, and other.

How (and Why) to Redirect a URL

So you just changed the name of one of your website pages and now you have a "404 Page Not Found" error popping up in your crawl stats. This can not only frustrate your users, it can also harm your site's search presence. In the video below, I'll.

Keyword Research in the Age of RankBrain

The world of digital marketing is constantly shifting and changing, but one thing has remained true over the past ten years. Having a presence in search engines is essential to growing your influence and business.

How to Find Blog Topics That Improve SEO

Want to figure out what questions your buyers are asking online? Of course you do if you care at all about getting found by your ideal buyers and converting them into customers.

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