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Should I Handle Marketing for My Small Business?

If you own a small to medium size business, you undoubtedly spend time searching online for helpful tricks and tips to help you master your company’s marketing needs. In fact, if you’ve ever spent any time on the SMA website, you know that we are.

What Are Pillar Pages & How They Impact Content Marketing & SEO

When it comes to growing your organic visibility and position, your company as an industry, or topic thought, quality content is a must. While blogging and page optimization is very beneficial, there is one popular strategy, when executed.

How To Use for Structured Data

When it comes to SEO, doing the little things extremely well is often the difference between generating and not generating results. Structured data adds tremendous value to your site by helping search engines better understand your data. This can.

How Google Determines the Quality of a Link

When it comes to growing your visibility in the search engines, content alone is not enough. Earning and building backlinks is key to success in organic search. While this is a critical part of SEO, many ignore it or hope it will happen.

Why Backlinks Are The Secret to Search Marketing

Search marketing is SEO with a focus on content. While there are many in the inbound and digital marketing community that places a large emphasis on content, the reason they don’t see the organic results is that they don't do enough to generate.

Is Content Really King? The Truth About Growing Your Organic Reach

The phrase, “content is king” is one of the most popular in the world of digital marketing. A quick Google search of the phrase will generate 117,000,000 results. This phrase has also become a core tenet of many in the SEO community as well..

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