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The Problem With Personas & How We Can Fix It

The idea of creating and using personas to help create a better user experience and engagement was birthed in the software industry 30 years ago. Computer software was clunky, hard to use, and had a terrible user experience. Allen Cooper, a.

Then vs Now: How the Internet Continues to Transform Traditional Marketing

When you hear the term marketing, what comes to mind?  TV commercials? Radio and newspaper ads? Direct mail? Manipulation? In the golden era of television, marketing was more of a luxury that was only accessible to big businesses. If you had a.

Personalization vs Segmentation: What's the Difference and Why they Both Matter

Today’s consumer is flooded with more marketing messages than any one person can handle. As a result, we’ve have become very good at ignoring unwanted attempts to gain our attention. The reason so many of the marketing messages we are presented.

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