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What is SEO Content? Hint: It's Not Just for Search Engines

For over a decade, Google has insisted ranking factors include high-quality content when building websites and publishing blog posts. Over the years, Google has taken the time to refine the definition of "high-quality," most recently clarifying that

Topical Authority: Build it and They Will Come

Topical authority is one of the most important factors for ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), and it's essential for businesses that want to dominate their industry or niche. In this article, you'll learn how having topical authority.

Finding Intent Based Terms For Your Search Marketing Funnel

Connecting with users on search can seem overwhelming. Keyword research alone can takes hours, and you're not even guaranteed to rank for the terms. What if you approached search from the perspective of your users' journey instead? In this video,.

The Best Keyword Research Tools You May Not Be Using

Recent survey results from SEMrush reveal that 91% of marketers in 2020 are utilizingcontent strategies as part of their marketing efforts. The breakdown of the types of content that marketers prioritize shows blog posts continue to top the list.

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