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How to Use Behavior Flow in Google Analytics

Ever wonder how your user navigates through your website? Google Analytics Behavior Flow let's you see how your users use your site and what content keeps them engaged. In the video below, I'll do an overview of the tools so you can start using.

What is Multi-Channel Attribution?

Multi-channel attribution helps marketers and business owners know which channels are impacting conversions. But in order to get actionable insight with your data, you need to first understand how it works and decide which model you are going to.

The What, Why and How of UTMs

Your reporting is only as good as your data. Unfortunately, most data sets have multiple issues and errors are overlooked. In order for you to make smart data driven decisions, you must first have confidence in your data. In this video, I'll.

What is Direct Traffic?

Knowing how your visitors ended up on your website is core to understanding which marketing activities are actually working. While some traffic sources are straight forward, one in particular confuses many. Direct traffic is the traffic source I.

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