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How to Balance Empathy and Data to Make Better Decisions

Data is everywhere. We can track just about anything; website visits, click-though-rates, user behavior, shopping cart abandonment, the list goes on. Nearly every click, transaction, and engagement is being tracked and analyzed by someone or some.

5 Practical Things Leaders Can do to Develop Empathy Skills

Empathy. This simple word is full of potential and has the ability to move us towards our core purpose as humans. Regardless of race, ethnicity, cultural or religious backgrounds, at our core, we all have one desire, to belong. Our lives are a.

Creating Buyer Personas - A Beginner's Perspective

I love a challenge. This week, I was asked to do something completely new to me – creating buyer personas. I have a psychology degree so it would seem that writing buyer personas would be easy, right? After all, I kind of know what makes people.

Empathy & Personalization: How to Be More Human in Your Marketing and Sales

Empathy. This one word seems to cause more of a stir in today’s organizations than any other. Many business leaders say we need more of it, others argue it's overrated. This one word is searched more than 165,000 times each month on Google and.

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