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Why Does Personalization Matter for Email?

The term “Personalization” has become more common in the marketing world over the last few years— even to the point of seeming like just another trend. But what does Personalization really mean, and how much of a difference does it even make in.

What I Learned from Sending 25,000+ Automated Emails

Love it or hate it, email is still one of the most effective communication tools ever created. Email automation has helped companies market their products or ideas, sell their services and better serve their customers for years. Over the past .

Should Bloggers Send Email Too?

Starting a blog can sometimes feel like you’re in an obstacle race where the sizes of the hurdles keep changing. You’ve set up your website; your images are looking sharp, you’ve even found a great rhythm for editing your content. You are finally.

Why You Should Take the Time to Optimize Marketing Emails

If you knew you could be in the top 17% of marketers by focusing on a few simple details would you take the time to learn more? Email optimization is becoming increasingly important in the digital world, and yet 83% of marketers report they do.

Do You Have A Goal For Your Marketing Email?


Optimized email marketing is an effective tool to set a company apart from their competitors when utilized correctly. Sending emails that will help, not harm your relationship with your buyer takes time and attention. It can be hard to know.

Find Your Email Marketing Voice

One of my favorite authors recently started a Podcast that has become a fast favorite of mine. On a recent episode, she reminded the listener that her quarterly blog link-up was coming up, and suggested that people looking for more details head.

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