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The Secret to Creating & Telling Your Brand's Story

Your brand is much more than your logo, colors, and font styles. Your brand's ultimate effectiveness will be judged by the way you make people feel. Creating a brand's story is a practice I believe all businesses should go through. Your story is.

How Clickbait Headlines Hurt Your Website

Have you ever clicked on a link that made you wonder if you had just downloaded a virus? Ever read a blog post and double check the title confused as to why you clicked on the link in the first place? Have you ever encountered headlines that over.

How to Uncover Content Gaps for Your Editorial Calendar

Effective content marketing doesn't just happen by accident. It takes careful planning and execution. Knowing what to write about is often the hardest part. Uncovering content gaps is a great way to know what topics you should cover. This process.

Strategic Content Calendar: A Blogger’s Best Tool

When I first began blogging, I posted every day when my son went down for his afternoon nap at 1 pm. Every day I wrote an original blog post including an image. Just thinking about this now makes me laugh. How in the world did I expect to.

Turning Blog Posts Into Videos is Easier Than You Think

You know that awesome blog post you just wrote that isn’t getting the digital traction it deserves? Maybe a little content repurposing would help it reach a larger audience. Video content gets higher engagement than images and links. If you could.

The Anatomy of an Optimized Page

Getting found in search takes more than just writing and publishing blogs. While content may be King, SEO is Queen, and we all know the Queen is really in charge. If you want your content to rank well and engage your users, optimizing your pages.

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