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Leveraging E-A-T to Build A Winning Content Strategy

In this video we are going to look at how E-A-T impacts your content. E-A-T is defined as the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of the creator of the main content, the main content itself, and the website as a whole. Notably,.

5 Ways to Market to Gen Z

As we all know, with each new generation comes a different mindset, behaviors, and attitudes. For those in the role of marketer, it’s important to keep these differences in mind when trying to reach our intended audience. If you’re trying to.

Does Blogging Still Work in 2021

In the latest episode of Hack My Growth we're going take a look at blogging and what role it plays in marketing in the year 2021 and beyond. The phrase, "Content is king," has become a "commandment" in the world of digital marketing. But, with so.

What is an Email Marketing Strategy?

An email marketing strategy is one tool in a complete digital marketing strategy. This tool's goal includes sending emails to prospective and current customers at every stage of their buyer's journey. 

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