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Why Authenticity is Key to Growing Your Business

"Haters gonna hate." It's true. If you are going to grow your business online, at some point you'll run into people who will try to put you down or push you to conform to their worldview. The key to growing a business and enjoying the work is.

How & Where To Find Your Potential Customers

One of the most seemingly difficult things that any business looking to grow online must figure out is where their audience hangs out. With so many channels, from Google search to social media, it can be extremely intimidating to know where to.

Why Creating Emotional Connections with Customers Matters

When it comes to growing a business the first place many managers and C-Level team members will look to focus on is generating more leads and new sales. But what if the greatest potential for growth lies within your current customer base? In this.

BI & Digital Marketing: Unleashing the Power of Data-Driven Decisons

Business Intelligence is an often used, but misunderstood term. BI is much more than fancy dashboards filled with metrics. When implemented correctly, BI can change the way your company collects, analyzes and uses data. Business Intelligence is.

Start With "What": How To Ask Questions that Lead to Action

I want to start this post out by saying I like Simon Sinek and his books. I believe there is great power in asking "why" but I think too many entrepreneurs and businesses get stuck there. The quote from Simon, “people don't buy what you do; they.

3 Tips to for Turning All Those Metrics Into Actionable Data

The amount of data business owners and employees are faced with today is truly alarming. While everyone can agree that it’s important to understand basic information about your customers and what they respond to, it can be very difficult to.

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