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The Importance of Data Quality (Garbage In, Garbage Out)

Collecting data for analysis is not a "set it and forget it task." In order to ensure we are getting data that is useful for our business and marketing strategies, it's essential that we take time to get it right. In the age of Big Data, poor.

How Business Intelligence Really Works

Business Intelligence (BI) has seen a meteoric rise over the past few years. As computing power has finally caught up with the vast amount of data we are compiling, companies large and small are looking for ways to uncover trends and insights..

Using Business Analytics to Build a Data-Driven Culture

In today’s data-driven world having a plan for implementing, using and working with data is a must. For many business owners, Business Intelligence and Analytics can seem overwhelming. But, when you slow down the process and weigh the benefits of.

BI & Digital Marketing: Unleashing the Power of Data-Driven Decisons

Business Intelligence is an often used, but misunderstood term. BI is much more than fancy dashboards filled with metrics. When implemented correctly, BI can change the way your company collects, analyzes and uses data. Business Intelligence is.

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