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Google Analytics: Pros and Cons

Google Analytics is the de facto way that websites get information about their visitors. It’s extremely popular, installed on the majority of websites, and has a plethora of data available as Google slurps up every detail about everything that.

How to Create a Measurement Plan for Your Business

Defining KPIs is crucial for your marketing efforts but can also be frustrating and time-consuming. Over the years, I have adjusted and tweaked my strategies to ensure we are using data to make smart decisions. In this video, I'll share my exact.

What Marketing Channel Has The Best ROI?

When it comes to making sure your marketing gets the result you want, knowing the ROI of each channel is imperative. While there are many channels to chase in today's fast-moving business world, it's up to each marketer to learn which channel is the.

The What, Why and How of UTMs

Your reporting is only as good as your data. Unfortunately, most data sets have multiple issues and errors are overlooked. In order for you to make smart data-driven decisions, you must first have confidence in your data. In this video, I'll share.

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