How to Find New Leads Using Social Media Prospecting

How to Find New Leads Using Social Media Prospecting

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Alright, we all know by now that having a presence on social media is important to our businesses. But just having a presence on these platforms isn’t enough. There are more than 1 billion, yes BILLION, users on Facebook and over 230 million users on Twitter. These numbers tell me one thing; there is more potential than ever to use social platforms to promote our brands, share our content and drive new traffic to our sites.

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OK, so we understand social media is important, we also get that there is a ton of potential out there to promote our brands. But the real question many small and mid-sized companies face is how? You don’t have to have a huge marketing budget to take advantage of social media prospecting. In order to make this process easier we have a free workbook to help you get started. Get yours here. Now that you’ve downloaded yours, let’s dive a little deeper into the how.


So often we are quick to speak and slow to listen, we’ve got it backward. One of the greatest lessons we can learn in marketing is to seek first to understand, then to be understood. (Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – worth it!) This goes way beyond just monitoring what’s happening on our social media accounts. If we are truly listening, we will seek to understand our audience and then engage with them in an appropriate way and add value to their lives.

Be Prepared:

It’s the first motto every Boy Scout learns and it’s an important one. To be prepared we must have a goal. Not planning will leave you wandering. “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there” – The Cheshire Cat. By having a clear and defined set of goals, you will be able to develop a pathway to get there. Set yourself up for success by taking the time upfront to plan and schedule your social media content. It will be worth it in the long run.

Take Action:

Social media prospecting can seem very overwhelming at first, but you can do this! Remember, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu. Take action and put your brand out there. Who knows, it could go viral.

Alright, so now you have the knowledge, you have a workbook to get you started, so what else are you waiting for? The potential is endless, but remember, it all starts with listening, understanding your audience, then planning your strategy and taking action. You can do this! Now go prospect some new leads!

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