Seven Content Promotion Ideas for Every Business

It is no use creating fantastic content if you aren’t going to promote it properly. No matter what you are currently doing, there are likely a few more ways to extend your digital reach. Here are seven content promotion tips that you can incorporate into your content strategy that can benefit your business by helping your rank in search.


Get Ready to Embrace Video

If you’re still avoiding video content, this is something that you can’t afford to do anymore. A report from Cisco recently estimated video would account for 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2022. It’s vital to understand, then, that no matter what kind of content you produce, you’ll need to promote it with video.

This could mean investing more in your YouTube and Facebook video channels but also looking for ways that you can take your current non-video content and use it in a way that is video-friendly. Consider including a tutorial video in addition to an explanation of instruction or repurpose a piece of content into video format.

Don’t Promote Your Content with Headlines

It is often true that when businesses promote their content, they focus too much on the distinct details. They’ll promote a blog with its title, or they’ll show off a product with its name. But these details aren’t important to someone browsing social media channels. To get a reader interested in a blog post, you need to provide them with information or entice them to click your website URL. Tell them what they are going to learn from reading the blog, for example. Consider using a relevant image to catch attention as well.

Take a look at how children’s clothing retailer Childsplay Clothing promotes its content on Twitter. Rather than providing unimportant information such as the specific name of the item that they promote or even featuring a specific sale price, the tweet appeals to the human interest aspect, drawing people in to click on the image or reply to a question.


Give Influencer Marketing a Try

Influencer marketing has become one of those buzzwords that many businesses are aware of, but most struggle to understand how to use it effectively. Functionally, it involves working with the owners of popular social media profiles and taking advantage of their popularity and their connection with their target audience.

Working with influencers can be beneficial in a vast number of ways. First, users who follow influencers will trust their opinions and judgments – much like getting a recommendation from a friend. Additionally, given that their audience may be different from yours, it can open up your content to new sections of the market that you hadn’t considered. 

The most common way influencers promote products is through social media posts. The added benefit of this for your business is that you may earn social shares without having to spend a lot of time on social networks.

One caution with influencer marketing, you want to make sure your influencers abide by the marketing guidelines you establish and don’t misrepresent your products or services — partner with reputable companies who will monitor your influencers if you don’t have the time.

Don’t be Afraid to Pay to Promote

It’s vital to promote content in the most effective ways that you can – and this may include paying for advertising. The major advantage of paid content promotion is that it allows you to showcase your content to a segmented audience that you have selected.

Social media platforms can be some of the smartest places to promote your content, as you can put your work in front of people who are already engaging with similar pieces. 

You’ll want to choose pieces of content that have clear calls to action for your social media ads. Ads are another great way to talk to a wider audience. If you’re launching a new product or service, social media advertising could be especially beneficial. 


Share Content Across Multiple Content Distribution Channels

It might seem obvious, but people often overlook how many channels they can utilize. When you have spent time creating brilliant content, you need to make sure that it sees the light of day on all of the relevant social platforms and advertising channels. You might be surprised at which channels work best with your content – the fun social post you designed for Twitter might catch more attention on LinkedIn.

Make Your Content as Easy as Possible to Share

What’s more effective than you promoting your evergreen content? Other people doing it for you. Make sure that it is as easy as possible for anyone reading your content to share it. And this means so much more than simply putting social sharing buttons at the bottom of a post. Organic traffic may find your quality content at any point. Search engines strive to present the most relevant content to searchers. And when they delight platform users, your content may find a whole new audience. 

Make sure that you are optimizing images for each individual platform and make eminently quotable content stand out. Ensure SEO best practices are incorporated into the content creation process to increase the opportunities to drive traffic to your website.

Contact Your Sources

If you’ve spent time creating a fantastic resource, for example, a list of great blogs to read in your industry, it’s important to make sure that you give other people the best chance to promote it. And some of the most important people are those that you have cited in your article, video, or infographic. Businesses, brands, and influencers love to see their name mentioned positively – so tell them you when you link to their website.

They are likely to share out the article with their followers to thank you for your efforts. This doubles as free promotion for you.

Curate visual content for an email newsletter and make sure the people you recommend are on your email list. You may find an invitation to guest post in your inbox. 

Developing a strategic content marketing plan takes planning and keyword research. At SMA Marketing we are experts in creating industry-relevant content for our clients that is targeted for their buyer personas. We also understand the importance of SEO optimization from content to social channels, and we incorporate SEO into every step we execute. Whether you need help developing a content calendar or gated content we will ensure you’re on the right track.

Ready to learn more about SMA Marketing solutions? Send us a message. We’d love to learn how we can partner with you to help you uniquely promote your content.

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