25 SEO Statistics that Prove the Power of Search

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In the late 2000s, the trendy thing online was to write about the “death of SEO.” As Google cracked down on spammy sites and content farms, many thought the search industry would fall apart. Fast forward to 2017 and search is not only alive but thriving. Today there are more than 6 billion searches performed online. In order to get the exposure you deserve, SEO must be a key component of your strategy.

The infographic below shares some key SEO statistics that show just how powerful search marketing is. SEO benefits both large and smalls sites. With 6 billion queries a day and roughly 15% of those searches having never been searched before, there is enough of the pie for everyone.

SEO Stats for 2017 and Beyond

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Here are some of my favorites SEO statistics:

  • According to Net Market Share (as of April 2017) the global marketing share percentage, in terms of the use of Search Engines heavily favors Google, with over 77%.
  • 6,586,013,574 searches a day worldwide.
  • 50% of search queries are four words or longer. (WordStream, 2016)
  • 71% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic search. (Google, 2015)
  • 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles. (WordStream, 2016)
  • 30% of mobile searches are related to a location. (Google, 2016)

As the web continues to expand, SEO is going to continue to play a big role for all companies. From B2B to B2C, there are a number of opportunities to get your company in front of people who are looking for the solutions you provide.

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