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Local SEO vs SEO: What's the Difference?

What is the difference between SEO and Local SEO? While they may share some tactics and best practices, getting your website to rank in local search takes a slightly different approach. In the video below, I'll share the differences between SEO.

How & Where To Find Your Potential Customers

One of the most seemingly difficult things that any business looking to grow online must figure out is where their audience hangs out. With so many channels, from Google search to social media, it can be extremely intimidating to know where to.

Backlinks for Beginners (7 Types of Links)

Backlinks are a foundational component of SEO. While the practice of acquiring links can seem daunting, with a little brainstorming and knowing what to look for, you can begin to build high-quality links to your website. In the video below, I.

How Clickbait Headlines Hurt Your Website

Have you ever clicked on a link that made you wonder if you had just downloaded a virus? Ever read a blog post and double check the title confused as to why you clicked on the link in the first place? Have you ever encountered headlines that over.

Getting to Know the New Google Search Console

If you want to get found on Google, utilizing Google’s Search Console is a must. This free tool helps small business owners, SEO experts, marketers and more submit sitemaps, view search trends and keyword data and get alerts on their site's.

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