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Best Practices for Using Mentions and Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram

Recently one of our clients asked about the difference between mentions (@) and hashtags (#) on Twitter and Instagram. I left the conversation thinking about how they are used and misused, and how they can be added to tweets and posts for more .

6 Google Sheets Functions Every SEO Should Know

In this episode, we are going to be looking at six powerful functions within Google Sheets that every SEO needs to know. Google Sheets is a powerful tool that lets us look at our data, manipulate our data, and dive deeper in to get a better.

Where to Find Free Online Digital Marketing Training

A local plumbing contractor trying to get his business found online.

A recent college grad who just accepted a marketing position in a manufacturing company and is in charge of increasing the brand’s social media reach.

A digital marketing agency.

How Knowledge Graphs Impact Search Intent

Knowledge graphs are at the heart of search marketing. If we are going to be able to match our user's intent and create compelling content, we need to learn how to leverage knowledge graphs. In this video, I'll share how knowledge graphs impact.

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