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Marketing Lessons from My Qalo Experience

May 16, 2018
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Marketing Lessons from My Qalo Experience

After five days of “spring cleaning,” my husband informed me he’d lost his wedding ring. In seventeen years of marriage, this isn’t the first time this has happened because as a football coach and strength coach he occasionally needs to remove his ring. Perhaps it was my amazingly clean house or the fact that his ring has received many dents the past year from work-related activities, but I wasn’t upset.

My immediate thought was “well I guess it’s time to get a Qalo ring,” and that’s when I realized how well Qalo’s marketing efforts had worked.

Qalo was founded in 2013, which is likely the first time I began to hear their name. Over the years I remember seeing their ads pop up on Facebook occasionally and as a member of a coaches’ wives organization I’ve received reminders that our organization has access to a discount code. I’m also pretty sure that at some point while buying a coach’s biography for my husband via Amazon the suggested purchases included a silicone ring, possibly from Qalo.

Even though I had never visited the website or signed up for email marketing, did not follow Qalo on social media, and had never seen a ring in a store, when the time came to replace my husband’s wedding band I knew a silicone band was a wise choice. The craziest part is that I had no idea of the cost or durability of these rings yet somehow, I had already determined I would purchase one.

This experience has highlighted for me the value and importance of targeted marketing.

Qalo stands for “Quality, Athletics, Love, Outdoors.” As a coach’s wife, I fall into what I am guessing is one of their ideal buyer personas for several reasons.

  •  Athletics plays a dominant role in my family’s life.
  • I value the symbol of a wedding ring (love and commitment). Especially during recruiting season and on away trips.
  • Quality is important to me. The majority of coaches don’t make a lot of money, and since this ring is replacing one that’s likely scratched and dented from activity, I want a replacement to hold up.
  • Since my husband is extremely busy for months at a time, as his wife it’s likely I’d be the one to make this type of purchase.

Qalo’s subtle reminders, in combination with a discount code for coaches’ wives, were all the marketing I needed to know about their presence, but I still hadn’t heard a testimony from anyone I knew.

I hopped into an online coaches’ wives group and took a poll. My question was simple. Thumbs up or down on a Qalo ring purchase. Within an hour I had received over sixty thumbs-up responses, zero thumbs down and more than that, I’d received tips on style preferences, ring sizing, and comparisons to other brands.

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Here’s Why I Keep Thinking About Qalo:

One of the most common things I hear from business owners and direct sales businesses is how hard it is to build an audience. They become frustrated with the noise on the internet and social media and often blame changing algorithms for slow growth. While I don’t know Qalo’s digital marketing plan, I can guess that it has included some specific elements.

A Great Product

Qalo is a silicone ring. There are plenty of other options on the market including one at a big box store that is two for less than the price of one Qalo version. Knowing their audience, this company has created bands in a large variety of colors and styles and even include the option to personalize a ring. They feature the different styles in ads and on social media in scenes that are relatable to their persona.

A Well-Developed Buyer Persona

While two men founded the company to solve a problem for themselves, they have wisely realized their audience also includes women in two ways. One, women love these rings and want them for themselves as well as their husbands, but prefer more decorative versions. Two, women are more likely to take the time to compare designs and consider colors. They have developed an ideal buyer persona and have tailored their product descriptions and ad copy to appeal to their target market.

In our case, my husband said he would wear whichever band I chose until he saw they offered a purple glitter band in mens’ sizes. We then considered other options together and settled on one we both like.

A Clear Message About the Product

You may be thinking; it’s just a rubber ring, this is crazy. But the messaging is targeted towards the buyer persona. Some sentences focus on wedding rings for an active lifestyle. This could apply to everyone, but we know that a broad message generally falls flat with everyone. Ryan says “Niche businesses stand to gain the most from inbound because of their uniquely targeted customer base.

Qalo has a niche focus: couples whose careers require they spend significant time apart and have jobs where wearing a traditional metal ring isn’t always a safe option.

  •         Military
  •         First Responders
  •         Athletes
  •         Coaches

If they didn’t start there, they have expanded to serve those areas well. They offer specific designs highlighting those careers and focus their philanthropic efforts on organizations benefiting these niche groups.

Inbound Marketing and SEO

Qalo has an active blog with helpful articles. Their website is easy to find, loads quickly and is easy to use. They have inbound, and outbound links, meta descriptions, images and they’re active on social media. They are hitting all the things we highlight and work hard to do consistently here at SMA.

Targeted Ads

By partnering with and providing a discount, Qalo established trust. They acknowledged an organization I value is important and also let me know their product is, in part, for our family. Further, by providing a discount that doesn’t expire they created a no-pressure opportunity. This is also something I value.

Still, ads occasionally popping up in my Google search and social media ad spaces were helpful. I’ve watched my husband’s wedding band become significantly misshapen this year and had intended on purchasing a Qalo band before summer practices began. Losing the ring sped up the timeline by a few weeks. But remember, before asking for a personal testimony in my coaches’ wives group I wasn’t even aware other silicone ring companies existed. I hadn’t researched this even though I intended to purchase because I already trusted Qalo.

If you are having a hard time finding your footing, my suggestion is to go back to the basics and evaluate your buyer persona. Take some time to strategize your marketing plan and target your persona. By establishing yourself as trustworthy and valuable with your persona first, you have the opportunity to become an authority with the group you are most aiming to serve.

By the way, we found the original band, but my husband prefers his Qalo.

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