How to use LinkedIn for Marketing Your Business

How to use LinkedIn for Marketing Your Business

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So you want to know how to use LinkedIn for marketing but are not sure how to start? Your business’s success on LinkedIn begins and ends with your business profile page.  By having an optimized and focused LinkedIn business page, you can create a platform to both connect and prospect new businesses and employees. To help you get the most out of your LinkedIn business page we will walk through 7 steps. These steps will ensure you get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

So you know you need a LinkedIn business page, but now what? This social media platform has become a hub for businesses looking to connect with other businesses. In order to stand out from the crowd and use your page effectively in marketing with LinkedIn, it needs to be optimized. So let’s walk through the 7 steps to set up your page for optimum exposure and success in using LinkedIn for business marketing.

#1 Company Overview

“Make it easy for the right people to find your Company Page by adding SEO terms in the description and ‘Specialties’ sections.” ~ LinkedIn. 

Following the guidelines set by LinkedIn you have the ability to add keywords into both the description and ‚Äòspecialties’ section. This will help increase the visibility of your page for people looking for your services. Remember, think of long-tail keywords. They have less competition and more targeted traffic. Learn more about using long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy here.

#2 Logo & Banner

“Keep your Company Page fresh with rich cover images that reflect your company’s accomplishments, events, and offerings.” ~ LinkedIn. 

Building your branding is the most powerful thing you can do for your business’s marketing efforts. When thinking about your brand and how you want it to be perceived on social media, you must remember everything communicated. Colors, design, the flow of your banner, everything will communicate something to the viewer. Be intentional and make sure that it reflects your business in a positive way.

#3 Careers Page

“Studies show that a strong employer brand can cut cost per hire by over 50%. Use rich media (like video) on your Careers Page to showcase yours.” ~ LinkedIn.

That’s a huge cut in cost! Branding is powerful. By using multi-media you can promote your brand and separate yourself from the competition. Prospective employees are looking to work for companies that make a connection with them. The video gives you a way to open the conversion on your end in a more personal way.

#4 Showcase Pages

“For business lines or initiatives with unique messaging and audience segments, consider creating a dedicated LinkedIn Showcase Page.” ~ LinkedIn.

Does your business offer unique services? By creating showcase pages you can showcase your skills on a dedicated page. This allows you to elaborate on your company’s message, promote your brand and add value by establishing your page as a trusted source.

“Tie all of your LinkedIn communities together by using Featured Groups to show Groups you manage or participate in on your Company Page.” ~ LinkedIn.

Are you a part of an industry-leading group on LinkedIn? Show it off! Using featured groups establishes you as a trusted source and builds credit with both prospects and potential new hires.

#6 Company Updates

“Every like, comment, and share increases your reach. Prompt your followers to take action on your updates by asking thoughtful questions.” ~ LinkedIn.

Too many businesses forget the first rule of social media ‘Be social’. If you try to sell, sell, sell you will kill your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Ask questions, and share helpful industry-related content and your company blog posts as well. (If you’re not blogging, you should be!)

#7 Page Analytics

“Get insight into what’s working and what’s not by using Company Page Analytics to test frequency, topics, and formats.” ~ LinkedIn.

Getting the statistics and understanding what they mean is essential when using LinkedIn for marketing. Page analytics will give you a better idea of what is working and what’s not. This will help you focus your marketing efforts and help you spend time on things that are working and stop doing the things that aren’t.

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