How To Leverage Constraints to Grow Your Business

How To Leverage Constraints to Grow Your Business

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Constraints are all around us, the problem is they are often very hard to spot. Instead of allowing them to hold us back, we can leverage our constraints to help catapult our business into a whole new level of growth. In the episode of the SMA Marketing Minute we will take a look at 3 common constraints business owners face and question we can ask ourselves to begin to leverage them to our advantage.

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Hey, what’s up everybody? I’m Ryan Shelley and you’re watching the SMA Marketing Minute.

Today I want to talk about constraints and more importantly how can we leverage the constraints that we all ready have, to help grow our business and take it to the next level. For many small and mid-size business owners we wear to many hats, right? We’re trying to do everything. We’re the marketing department. We’re the sales department. We are the book keepers. We have to run the day-to-day operations of the business. And really what happens is that we either burn out, or our business never really grows because we have nowhere to grow, we can’t scale, there is only so much of us.

So the first constraint I want to look at is limited time, where we really try to pack everything, or as much as we can, into our day and our business ends up consuming our lives.  But what if we started asking questions about our time? What if we started asking ourselves, “Should we do this?” “Is this something that is worth our time?” and if not, how can we get rid of it. How can we pass it on?

Another constraint we face is limited persuasion and how much ability and authority do we have to make the change we want to see. Maybe we’re not the CEO of the company, but we are running a franchise, and we want to see something different about our franchise. What’s our authority? What’s our power of persuasion and how can we develop a better story that will speak to those people who have the ultimate authority to make those changes?

The next kind of constraint that is kind of always against us is money, right. Now money can be a really powerful tool if we use it in the right ways. So understanding how to use money effectively but also looking for ways around spending money, that’s one way to leverage a constraint. To find a way around the constraint. So, what are some things that are costing you money, that are maybe not returning much on that investment and what are some areas in which you can find freemium plugins or support options in order to help you grow your business?

In order to get yourself from where you are to where you are going, you need to start asking yourself different questions and challenge the way you are doing things. This even applies to marketing. What are some things that you are doing right now that you just shouldn’t be doing? Things that you can pass on to somebody who can do them better for you. And what are the things you want to do in order to see your business grow? Look at the constraints you have, I want to challenge you to dig onto them and ask yourself, what’s holding you back and what can you do to start moving forward to actually scale and grow your business?

Well that was this week’s episode of the SMA Marketing Minute. Hope you guys like it and if you have any questions please let us know in the comment box below.  We’d love to keep the conversation going!

Have a great week and Happy Marketing!

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