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How to Get Clients & Cut Through the Noise Using Inbound

Aug 21, 2015
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How_to_Get_Clients__Cut_Through_the_Noise_Using_Inbound_The competition is more intense than ever. We are flooded with the noise of marketing and advertising every day. We’ve learned to outright ignore TV commercials thanks to the power of DVR and online streaming services. But now our social media streams, inbox boxes and apps are the target for many mass marketers. If you’re a business owner, you understand you need to market your goods and services but you also may be hesitating to get into the online marketing game. Is there any room left? Can you still cut through the noise and be heard? The answer is yes, but you have to be willing to do the work! So let’s talk about how to get clients and cut through the noise using inbound!

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If you’re anything like me, you probably get sick of all of the random emails and unwanted ads. Yes, even marketers get annoyed by bad marketing. Noise sucks. By targeting and focusing, you can actually create marketing that people will not only love, but want to interact with.

What Makes You Different

Doing what every else does just adds to the noise. This is a sure fire way to get lost in the system and to waste your hard earned dollars. Before you do anything you have to take an honest look at yourself and your company. What sets you apart from the competition? Why do your clients go to you instead of your competition? The things that set you apart are what draws your clients to your business. Identify your differentiators and use them to connect with new prospects.

Go for the edges

Look at what your competition is doing and then shoot for the edges, not the center. Everyone expects the center. In order to stand out you have to first be different. This is not as easy as it sounds. It also can’t just be so out there that it doesn’t connect. Seth Godin has a powerful book all about this concept called “The Purple Cow”. The one thing I realized that a lot of people forget when applying this book is that the magic of a purple cow in the heard of regular cows is that it’s still a cow! You have to be different enough to attract, but similar enough to be comfortable for a new client to take a chance with you.

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Be Proactive 

Waiting will never move you forward. One of the problems I have had is waiting for the “right” time. Well, I’ve found the magic answer. The best time to start is now. Take opportunities when they come and where there seem to be none, make some! Being a forerunner in your industry will create appeal to new prospects. Not getting the amount of leads you want? Call, email and engage. Internet marketing can be extremely powerful but no amount of marketing is better than an honest and personal ask.

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Safe is Risky

Being safe can be one of the most costly actions you take. It prevents you from reaching a new potential you never imaged was possible. In order to grow your business and reach new clients, taking risks is essential. Now there are smart ways to be risky. When it comes to inbound marketing you may be hesitant to engage because the amount of work involved is risky. But what if you took that risk and saw 75% growth in less than 3 months? That’s what happened to us! I pulled the trigger and risked my time for a chance to grow and the payoff has been huge.

Want to know how to get clients to engage with your business and create marketing that cuts through the noise? A new, better and more focused approach is needed. Inbound marketing is a strategy that helps you attract the right customers in a very noisy world. It forces you to find what makes you unique, to look for opportunities on the edge, to be proactive and to take risks! Want to get started? Check out the offer below and begin setting up your Inbound Marketing campaign today.

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Ryan Shelley, CPBI

By Ryan Shelley, CPBI

Ryan is passionate about helping companies make a more personal connection online with their customers and prospects. He is a regular contributor to Search Engine Land, the largest and most popular SEO news site on the web. His works have also been featured on the HubSpot Blog, Business2Community and by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

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