How Growth Driven Web Design Is Changing the Game

How Growth Driven Web Design Is Changing the Game

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Your business website is the front door for many of your prospective customers.  The Internet is full of consumers looking to connect with businesses online that can provide solutions for their problems. But with the pace at which technology is moving, many websites become outdated in 2 years or less. What if your site could be a living and adapting marketing asset for your business? That’s exactly what growth-driven web design is all about.

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I’ve been a part of a number of redesigns as a web designer in Melbourne, FL, and have seen the good and the bad of this process. The traditional website redesign for a small business runs on average $15,000 to $80,000 and takes on average 3 months to complete the process and launch the new site. With traditional web design, we are making an educated guess on what our buyers want to see and hoping they will react in a positive way to our new layout. Then in another 2 years, we start the process all over again. There has to be a better way… and there is! After learning about growth-driven website design, I was too excited not to share and switch my approach! Here are 3 reasons your company should consider the growth-driven design approach instead of the traditional model.

Minimizes Risk

When a business decides to do a website resign they invest not only money but time as well.  The ultimate goal is that the new site will attract and convert more leads than the previous version. While a designer may have access to analytics or other data, the primary driver of the new site is designed. Growth-driven web design focuses solely on the end user.  By using the data at hand and doing more research, we can make more educated decisions about the new design and ensure that we get the desired end result.

Continually Learning and Improving

Instead of getting a new template or flow, you get a site that adapts to its users. By using a launch pad site, the designer can see how the users are reacting and determine what will be added in the next phase of the design to improve the overall experience. This ends up cutting the 3-month build time down by 66% and allows your site to grow to meet your buyer persona’s needs.

Better Information for Marketing and Sales

Imagine what your marketing and sales teams could do with the information gathered by a website that shows how your buyers act and react. By having a website that grows continually with your company you will have insight on what offers to promote and how to better engage your sales-qualified leads.

At SMA marketing we are making the switch to growth-driven design simple because it’s better. It minimizes the amount of guessing we have to do in the design process, allows for us and our clients to grow into the sites we design and we can capture more of that crucial information we need as inbound marketing consultants.

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