How Bloggers Can Benefit from a Personalized Strategy

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When I started exploring expanding my writing opportunities I discovered that I was automatically removed from consideration in some situations because my social media reach was not as large as others. As I explored building my social media platform one thing became clear, everyone had a theory. Further research revealed that at some point a financial investment would be necessary. With limited funds as well as limited time I realized the more I could learn on my own the better off I’d be. Ultimately I began to wonder if a cookie cutter process hundreds of others were paying for was worth my financial and time investment.

When I joined the SMA Team almost 9 months ago I knew very little about the terms surrounding Inbound Marketing, but the strategies were easy to catch on to. They were the same ones I’d been exploring for my own blog. The difference was that Ryan was taking the time to align different strategies for each of his clients. I learned behind the scenes that with SMA there wasn’t a one size fits all approach, even with similar results obtained. That’s when I realized I’d been on the right track wanting to avoid a cookie cutter process.

“At it’s core personalized marketing is about connecting individuals to resources and solutions that meet their specific needs.” For a blogger this can be the difference between being lost on page 8 of a Google search and catching the eye of the person you are trying to reach.

Writers write because they are compelled to present a message in a unique way. Whether a blog is aimed towards helping someone, presenting an idea, or selling a product the goal is the same. To reach the people that will most benefit from reading the words. Blog content can be harder to produce when a writer is stretched thin. Many bloggers aim to be compensated for their hard work. If this is the category you fall into, then a personalized marketing strategy could be the key to your success.

There are so many aspects of developing a solid blogging platform it can be easy to overlook key steps. I’m going to highlight a few of the aspects to developing a personalized blogging strategy.

Developing a Personalized Blogging Strategy

Persona Development

Having directions to your destination will make any trip go smoother. Persona Development falls into this category. Narrowing down your audience will help you to create focused content as well as help you structure your writing for the people you are trying to help.

A focused message is an important aspect of developing a relationship with your readers. When they know what you will be writing about they know how to resource you.

A Great Website

Strong content is key, but if it’s hard to find on your website your reader can become frustrated and move on to the next blogger.

I love Alli Worthington’s suggestion to do a “Kid Test” with your webite. “Find a child age 7-12 and show them your website, don’t scroll down at all, just ask them what the website is about.” Her point is that if they can’t tell you what your website is about in general terms you have room to improve things.

A Social Media Strategy

When it comes to having a digital job like being paid to run a blog, social media is an unavoidable aspect. Taking the time to figure out what social media channels your persona prefers as well as the best times to post in order for them to see your content will help you to maximize your time and efforts.

Your social media interactions should include promoting others work as well as your own and replying to those that take the time to connect with you.

For more information on social media strategies check out this post 

Strong Content

Strong blog content is a subject that I don’t think can be covered enough. Clear, relevant content will keep your readers coming back. No one wants to have to re-read a blog post for clarity. Further, when you are competing with over a billion websites every post matters.

Part of stong content should include strategic sentences and phrasing that will help Google find your content. This post on Keywords vs. Topics was really helpful to me in understanding this further.


I’ve already confessed that analytics is probably my least favorite part of blogging. That may be true for you as well. If so, you might consider investing in a consultation. Getting outside help on a short term basis can be an investment that extends well beyond your invested time.

Still, there are a few free tools you can begin with. As Ryan explained “With free tools like Google Analytics and Search Console available to all website owners, there is no reason not to be tracking your efforts. Using the data will help you make smarter decisions that will yield real business results.”

For a better explanation check out this video The Importance Of Analytics

Expand Your Team

In the few years I’ve been blogging I’ve discovered that for as many people that start blogging each week there are just as many who become overwhelmed and stop. In an ideal situation you will be able to focus on the aspects of your blog you love and delegate others. This might not always be possible financially. It may be a goal to work towards, or maybe not. The great thing about a personalized strategy is that you get to decide when and where your money is spent.

Understand Results Will Vary

Your team should include online resources from people willing to teach you how to expand your reach. Utilize the free tools and resouces on this blog as well as those referenced. Go to a blogging conference, watch webinars, join a writing group, and network. You may discover that you have a skill you can trade for a skill you need. Even with all of these tools and training results will vary. With over a billion websites and counting it will take work to get your words seen. Sometimes this is unavoidable without financial investment. In this case, having teammates who are maximizing your financial investment can be the best addition to your personalized strategy you can make.

Are you frustrated with your current blog or website? Let us help! We are in the business of growing businesses and that includes yours.

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