Films and Shows Every Marketer Should Watch on Netflix

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Netflix is a perfect treat for cozy weekend nights spent on the couch, a movie night with your loved one and marathon binge-watching TV shows or movies alone. 

Moreover, Netflix is also an excellent source of inspiration for any form of business marketing. There is so much content on Netflix that has scenarios we can apply to everyday life, especially in the professional sense. Keep reading to learn about the films and shows every marketer should watch on Netflix.

5 Films and Shows Every Marketer Should Watch

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary about a sushi master, Jiro Ono, who worked his entire life striving to improve his 3-star Michelin sushi restaurant.

Jiro is supremely dedicated or obsessed as some would say with the art of sushi. He earned the reputation for offering the best sushi globally. Just like other Japanese masters, Jiro is all about mastering a single skill. Jiro fell in love with the art of making sushi. While most sushi and food professionals consider that his sushi is the best, he never stops looking for the perfect piece of sushi.  According to Jiro, every single detailed effort has an impact on the outcome. After plating the pieces of sushi, Jiro sets each down in front of his customer and takes time with each customer as well.

Customers leave his restaurant talking about many things other than sushi. They also talk about their experience while there. So as marketers, what kind of experience do you give your customers? Are you building a personal experience for every single customer? Is that experience memorable? Is your company worth raving about?

Jiro Dreams of Sushi will challenge marketers to answer these questions. We know many of you reserve Netflix for times when you are traveling. We suggest you make sure to always watch Netflix through a VPN for Netflix to keep your work files secure while you relax.

Something Ventured

Something Ventured is a documentary that digs deep into the world`s most reputable brands such as Intel and Apple and how they rose from basic startups to household names via venture capitalism. The documentary follows these top-notch brands and their founders, right from conception to full scale. This helps viewers understand what it takes to build a business not just fiscally or operationally but also through marketing.

The revolutionary entrepreneurs and brands featured here share one common thing, which is `risk aversion.’ Marketers can learn so much from this film because they will see that taking risks, in most cases, resulted in unprecedented success. While not everyone might be a business founder, entrepreneur or venture capitalist, there is a concealed lesson that marketing campaigns should go beyond the boundaries. Pushing boundaries can result in customer attention, intrigue and finally conversions.


Minimalism is a film that seeks to answer the question ‚ÄòHow can your life be better with less?’ by tracking the lives of people who sold most of their possessions and lived a life of minimalists. It features two close friends who share one thing in common, and that is their desire for less. The two petition to show US citizens that `less is really more’ and give away a majority of their worldly possessions.

This film is about individuals who chose to reject the American way of life, ‘the more, the better.’ As a marketer, you can challenge the notion that quality trumps quantity. In your personal life, you know having less clutter around gives you peace of mind, so think about that principle being applied in marketing.

Building clear and uncluttered design is the best way for marketers to resonate and get to their audiences.

The Founder

After a pivotal encounter with McDonald’s, a struggling salesman known as Ray Kroc gets the determination to introduce a new way of how burgers should be made and sold. Ray is a ruthless and money-hungry individual who took McDonald’s from the brothers and transformed it into a worldwide corporate chain.

This film is the story of capitalism at its best, that it almost becomes frightening. Kroc, a salesman in the restaurant sector, stumbles across McDonald’s: a family-run restaurant with a novel approach to efficiency and speed, and he instantly wants in.  He goes ahead and partners with the founding brother, but their relationship gets soar as he tries to get full control of the quick-growing empire.

In the film, where Ray’s sense of morality seems to be lacking, the story has so much marketing genius as well as business know-how that fuels the brand’s success. While Ray is an anti-hero, a marketer can take away the fact that exponential growth is very possible provided there is a consistent and prolific brand. The crucial point is to maintain a consistent look and feel and deliver the anticipated customer experience each time.

The Joneses

The Joneses is a must-watch for every marketer. The film follows the lives of a family of four and their normal way of livelihood in an affluent suburb in the United States. On the outside, they seem like the perfect family, as they seem to have everything you can ever want. However, they aren’t a family, but rather marketer and actors.

These family members and their way of life are meant to act as an inspiration for people who wish to have their lifestyle and then purchase the products the successful family has. The film offers a fascinating insight into how individuals think and act when they meet with this form of marketing. It takes a very different look at peer pressure and how people influence each other, especially those they are close to.

Final Thoughts

Netflix is a great source for marketers to leverage when looking for out of the box marketing motivation and insights. As we’ve mentioned, we believe these films and shows will help you consider different aspects of your business or look for creative inspiration. You never know what will inform your next blog article, video, or infographic. The best way to stay in touch with your buyer persona’s interests and preferences is to hang out in the same spaces where they spend their time. When you understand them better you will create content that speaks more directly to their preferences.

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