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Whether I’m looking for inspiration or to solve a problem, I’m more likely to seek out a trusted source than to hunt for an answer through a search engine. Still, it’s great to learn from a variety of authors instead of just depending on one or two voices.

Smart and creative bloggers are joining the internet every day. Unfortunately, they aren’t always easily discovered through the noise on search. Today we’re highlighting some of our favorite and most trusted websites and bloggers. If are looking for inspiration or direction with blogging, looking for the answer to an SEO or marketing question, or need a website that posts a lot of fresh, industry relevant content we think this list will point you in the right direction.


Pro Writing Aid

The Blogging and Content Writing blog on Pro Writing Aid’s website provides a variety of posts on writing. They address grammar one day and blogging strategies on another. Leads on freelancing and suggestions on how to improve writing and editing are also subjects covered.

Copy Blogger

Copy Blogger focuses on developing content marketing and content writing educational blog articles. Blog articles addressing SEO content writing, improving writing, and messaging strategies are all featured often.

Writing Coaches

Some of my best ideas come from writing coaches. More than that these bloggers inspire me to continue to develop my writing by offering practical tips.

Ann Kroeker

Ann Kroeker is the ultimate strategist in my opinion. I find her blog to offer an excellent supply of tangible strategies for developing writing skills. Ann understands the need for writers to develop and achieve small and large goals. Check out Ann’s podcast too, her segments are short but packed with ideas.

Ann Swindell

Ann Swindell offers writing courses, but her blog is also a great place for encouragement. You will appreciate Ann’s blog especially if you are dealing with finding time to balance writing and the rest of life’s craziness.

Stephanie S. Smith

Stephanie offers thoughts from her perspective as an editor. For writers I think one of the most valuable resources available is the ability to learn from an editor. Stephanie’s newsletters are thoughtful and filled with guidance. Her subjects range from editing, to empathic writing to rough drafts and an editor’s secret.

SEO and Content Marketing

SEO, Inbound, SERP, Data Analytics, Content, and Digital Marketing experts are not as prevalent as the internet may lead you to believe. In addition to some very bad information, there is a large amount of information that is just ok. With limited time and plenty of questions to answer it’s important to know where to find bloggers with great answers and tried and true ethical methodology.

Here are our favorite bloggers on all things marketing:  

Rand Fishkin White Board Fridays   Even though Rand has left Moz and no longer produces White Board Fridays the archives are worth browsing when you have a specific question you need answered.

Neil Patel NeilPatel.com

Brian Dean Backlinko

Donald Miller Building a Story Brand

Robyn Kyberd at Optimise & Grow Online

Content Marketing Hubs

The best way to discover new bloggers is though a resource blog or website that posts fresh, industry relevant content regularly. Searching for the answer to a specific question on one of these sites will provide you with various blog posts to compare and contrast. What makes a search through one of these websites better than just heading to a search engine is that this content is presorted so you will spend less time hunting for great content and more time reading.

Business 2 Community

Content Marketing Institute

Search Engine Land

It’s important to us that you are resourced well as you continue to grow in your marketing knowledge. We hope these resources help you as they have helped us to gain different perspectives and learn what does and doesn’t work. If you still have questions send us an email or schedule a call.

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