Do Facebook Lookalike Audiences Intimidate You?

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If you use Facebook for your business, then chances are you have seen the words “Boost this post” one or one hundred times. There is nothing wrong with putting some money behind a post that you like to help get some more eyeballs on it. However, if you’re boosting a post or running an ad, you should make sure your money is going toward reaching the right people.

This is where Facebook’s lookalike audiences come into play. For some people, this entire process can be scary, but it does not have to be. Trust us.

So What is a Lookalike Audience?

A Facebook lookalike audience is a group of people selected to view your posts and ads because they have some qualities that overlap with your existing customers. These qualities may include demographics, interests, and shopping habits. Facebook is the obvious go to for more information on what a lookalike audience is.

Relax, Breathe Slowly, and Market Hard

The purpose of this blog is to help you overcome any anxiety you might have about using them. So, let’s get over that together. The first thing you need to know is that lookalike audiences are easy to use. If you had any fears about that let’s get rid of them now. In fact, we’ve had some clients come to us who are admittedly not tech savvy, and they already were using lookalike audiences for the ads they were running on their own. The best part? They’re getting even easier to use. In my personal experience, the last two years have seen the entire process become simpler and more reliable. Gone are the days of unwarranted audience size errors.

To Lookalike or Not to Lookalike?

Another concern some clients have is privacy. Now, I cannot make any claims on behalf of Facebook and now probably wouldn’t be the best time to try, but lookalike audiences are nothing to worry about. For the most part, all they do is ensure that people who may be interested in your company see your ads instead of seeing a random ad. This type of interest targeting benefits both you, the business owner, and believe it or not, the person who sees the ad. How many times are you served ads that are not relevant to you? It can be somewhat annoying. That is why lookalike audiences help by serving the correct ads to people that were already going to be served ads whether they wanted to or not.

Ready. Set. Boost

Getting started with lookalike audiences is fairly simple and straightforward. For information on creating a lookalike audience, you should check out Facebook’s advertising guide. If you’re a HubSpot partner, we recommend you check out this article on how to create lookalike audiences in HubSpot.

So, what are you waiting for? Boost those posts and crush those ads. Lookalike audiences are nothing to fear. In fact, they are something to be embraced.

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