Everything Cost Something: Questions You Need to Be Asking About Your Growth Strategy

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Everything cost something and seeing your business become what you’ve always dreamed has a price.  If we were rational about change, which reality proves none of us are, we’d understand how much it costs each of us to stand still.

It is extremely expensive not move forward.

The cost of not doing keeps on rising, because the opportunity cost of not taking action keeps going up. “What you don’t know can’t help you.” –  So how do you move forward? In this week’s SMA Marketing Minute we will take a look as what our actions and inactions are costing our businesses and some questions we should ask ourselves to break through fear and start creating the business we’ve always dreamed of having!

Video Transcript:

What’s going on everybody? I’m Ryan Shelley and you’re watching the SMA Marketing Minute.

From time to time I like to step back from tactics like web design and SEO and focus a little bit more on strategy and the way that we think about growing our businesses online. When it comes to marketing or sales or really just growing our overall revenue or our brand image, we have to look at what it costs us. And not just financially but what it costs in others areas of our businesses as well.

I want to focus on today just really briefly and ask some questions that I really want to encourage you to go back and think about when it pertains to your own business. What you’re doing now is costing you something.

  • So what is it costing you?
  • What does it cost you not to create that new website?
  • What is it costing you not to invest in marketing?
  • What is it costing you not to hire that person?
  • Or what is it going to cost you if you do hire that person?

Again not just the financial numbers, but the cost of inaction, the cost of action. Understanding why we do what we do helps us to move forward to our end goals. And in order to really hit that end goal, in order to really meet our desired results, we have to reverse engineer the process and understand that the decisions we make now are going to impact the decisions we have to make next.

This is something that I’ve started to do with my business; really started asking the hard questions when it comes to growing my company. What am I going to do and also what am I not going to do in order to get to my goal.

So this week I want you to just kind of think, maybe this weekend take some time and process what is it costing you? What is the cost of inaction costing me? And what can I do to change that?

You know there are a couple questions we can ask ourselves:

  • What do I not know how to do and need to pass off?
  • What do I need to learn how to do and what can I learn how do?
  • And what are the hard questions I need to ask about my business?

Starting to process those questions and how we grow our businesses and and how we take action is really going to help us get the result we desire.

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