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6 Time-Saving Evernote Tips

Dec 7, 2016
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time-saving evernote tips“Digital brain,” “virtual file cabinet,” "time-saving wonder tool”: all terms used to describe Evernote.

When you're a business owner who stays on top of the latest technology and industry trends, you need a tool that will organize all that information. And, if it helps organize your life that's even better.

The more I use Evernote and research different ways to maximize its potential, the more I realize I’ve only scratched the surface of what it can do. There are so many ways to use Evernote, that it can be a little overwhelming. As a novice Evernote user, I use the tool to clip web articles, curate content and collaborate with other team members. In fact, it's one of the team collaboration tools we can't live without. What I've learned is that a few steps up front will help you set up an organizational system that works for you. Then when you start adding notes you’ll be putting everything in the right place and using tags effectively.

Whether you’re an Evernote novice like myself or have been using it for years, you will undoubtedly find some helpful information in our list of favorite Evernote tutorials from around the web. 

6 Time-Saving Evernote Tips


1. Setting Up Notebooks and Stacks

Notes, notebooks, and stacks are the basis of Evernote’s organizational software. Write and collect notes, organize them into notebooks, and put notebooks into stacks. It’s pretty basic although you’ll want to think about how you structure your notebook hierarchy before you start adding notes, or soon thereafter. You can always go back and assign notes to notebooks but having a few notebooks set up first will save time, especially when using the Web Clipper tool (see below).

Here’s a great article by author and business coach Michael Hyatt, describing how he uses Evernote for maximum efficiency and how he organizes notebooks. He has since changed to a new system, but if you want to learn how to organize notebooks, his system is a good starting point.

2. Using Tags

Michael Hyatt can be described as an Evernote expert who has used the tool to go completely digital in his work and personal life. He originally had a system which used notebooks and stacks in a systematic hierarchy. He has since reworked his system and uses tags, stating that tags are “virtually unlimited… notebooks can have multiple tags and tags can be nested into multiple hierarchies.” Read about Michael Hyatt’s Evernote system here.

3. Install Web Clipper

The Web Clipper browser extension is a must-have tool for anyone who uses Evernote. It allows you to save articles, websites, emails, and more to Evernote with just a couple of clicks. Save to a default notebook or select a notebook and add tags to make your web clipping more efficient. What makes it better than a bookmark on your browser is that it allows you to highlight, add text, and add audio comments to the article. It’s also available as an app, so clipping articles on the fly is a breeze. For more information on the Web Clipper extension, check out this article.

4. Link Notes

An efficient way to use Evernote when researching and writing content is to use Note Links. You can create a note that contains links to other notes.  To learn how to use Note Links to organize your notes and related articles when writing content check out this article from It includes a bonus tip on how to drag any note to Evernote’s toolbar to quickly access the ones you use repeatedly. 

5. Collaborate With Work Chat

At Shelley Media Arts, one of our Evernote favorite features is Work Chat. It makes collaborating on content easy and maximizes our time spent proofreading and editing each other’s articles. Besides editing content, there are other circumstances in which you might want to share notes and notebooks. You may also want to share notes with people who are not Evernote users. This video tutorial walks through the different ways to use the Work Chat feature to share notes and notebooks with others.

6. Organize Tasks

There are many task management tools and apps available. If they’re working for you, no need to change. But if you’re an Evernote power user, you save everything to Evernote, and you use it stay organized throughout your day, then you will want to use it to organize tasks. This article from Cameron Reilly details how he creates task lists by assigning tags to notes that require action. It’s worth a read if you’re ready to take the plunge and become an Evernote ninja.

Evernote has a blog with helpful tips. However, I’ve found that the best tips come from users who’ve created their own systems to maximize its usefulness. We’re always learning more ways to use Evernote so if you have any helpful tips or tutorials, feel free to comment!

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