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There are thousands of SEO tools available online but not all of them are quick or easy to use. I love finding tools that make research and optimization easier. In this video, I’ll share one of my new favorite SEO extensions.

Check out Detailed’s browser extension here. 

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Using Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can be very helpful to make our lives a lot easier to collect data and get a better understanding of the websites we’re working with and they’re helpful tools in our everyday lives. We’ve got things like Lighthouse by Google, maybe it’s Tag Assistant, something like here, Replacing Your Cash.

Detailed, a New Browser Extention

Today, we’re going to be talking about a new browser extension by Detailed and this is built for SEOs, people who are doing search engine optimization all the time that want to get more out of their browser extensions and get a quick look at what’s going on, on a specific page.

You can get this browser extension over here at We’re going to talk a little bit about the features that this extension has and how you can leverage it to help you work smarter and faster. Like I said, once you have it installed, you can just pop this open. It’s going to give you an overview of the title tag, the meta descriptions, is it indexable, what’s the canonical?

Available Information

It’s going to give you information about your robots’ tags, keywords, publishers, any of the information shows you your htags right here. Images, the links I use see things like your robot’s TXT and your sitemap. All right there within one tool, you’re going to get a lot of information in literally one click. What’s awesome is you can go in here and dive deeper. I can look at all the different headers.

Here’s how they’re stacked up and here’s how they’re separated among this site. I can look at all of the different links in the site and the anchor text that are associated with it. I can take a look at the images and I can export anything that doesn’t have a title or an alt text. I can take a look at the Open Graph and the Twitter card summary to see what’s going on there and I’ve also got some quick links. Let’s say I want to run this site in my Majestic. Well, I just hit that button and it opens it up in Majestic and I could easily see the details right there. Or let’s say I want to pull it here and SEMRush. Again, it’s going to open up my favorite SEO tools right here for me. I can quickly get in and do some analysis.

A Time Saver

This can save a lot of time, especially if you’re doing this quite a bit right and you’re looking at sites and you’re trying to dive into stuff for customers or somebody emails you and you want to know is this a site I want to work on? You can quickly use this browser extension to uncover some important information about that site and to take a deeper dive. It’s also got some cool extensions, so if I right click here, right here, the details extension shows up here so I can highlight any no-follow links on the site and it should start doing that for me if there’s any no follow links here. I can also do things like performing a search query. Now search queries again or sometimes, we’ve got to remember what those queries are and how to use them.

Well with this tool you can easily click in, it’s going to run that search query for you. This is a cycle of search queries, so it’s going to pull all the results for this site for me. With that right click, I can go over here and do another really cool search query that then teaches a lot for sites when you’re digging into them and define any anomalies or any issues with a site. We can do a lot of cool things, search queries just by installing this detailed browser extension.

It’s like I said, it’s great for people who are doing SEO all the time, looking at audits, looking at client’s sites, trying to uncover new ways to gain an edge and to learn more about what’s going on. And it’s helpful before you’re getting into a project or when you’re starting a project to know what is going on.

This video today was about a little hack, which is this browser extension. Go ahead to Check it out. Let me know what you think. Let me know some of the other things that you’re using to help you promote yourself and leverage SEO. Until next time, Happy Marketing.

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