Our Data-Driven Content Marketing Process

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What’s our secret to creating high-quality content that converts? The key is our data-driven process.

At SMA Marketing, our content marketing process begins with a solid strategy, backed by data.

It’s All About Your Buyers

We start with your buyer persona. We ask these questions:

  • What are the pain points of your target buyer?
  • What questions are they asking when trying to solve their problems?
  • What keywords and phrases are they searching?

Then we take a deep dive into those keywords. We research the following:

  • What does Google tell us about how often those terms are searched?
  • What are some related keywords?
  • What keywords are competitors using?
  • What content do we need to add to your website to outrank your competitors?

We also map out your sales funnel and buyer’s journey. What content do we need to add to your website that will attract buyers, convert leads, and close customers?

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Let’s use blog content as an example. Once we have a solid list of keywords and questions buyers are asking, we create a content strategy and execute it with a content calendar to keep content production on track. Consistency is essential in content marketing.

The 4 Ps of Content Marketing

We break it down into 4 stages – The 4 Ps of Content Marketing:

  • Production
  • Publication
  • Promotion
  • Performance

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In Production, we use our in-house team of expert writers to craft SEO-friendly blog content that educates your readers, builds trust, and leads them down the path to conversion. We carefully proofread and edit, then give you the opportunity to review and approve your articles.

In Publication, we format the article on your CMS, such as HubSpot or WordPress, ensuring consistent style and formatting. We add calls-to-action to lead readers to conversion points.

In Promotion, we share your content on your social channels, as well as link sites and directories, to ensure maximum visibility and reach.

Then we track the performance of your content, making adjustments to optimize our efforts and help you achieve your goals.

Creating Resources for Conversion

We use this same process to create, publish, promote, and measure the performance of other content resources that help convert your audience into leads, such as videos, emails, infographics, and eBooks like this example.


It all comes together when you see the results in your improved search engine rankings, increase in leads, and ultimately more sales.

Contact us to learn more about how we will put our data-driven content marketing process to work to help you achieve your business goals.

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