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How to Create a Free Quiz Using Interact for Lead Generation

Apr 18, 2018
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how to create a free quiz using interact for lead generation

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In a recent article, I shared how to use interactive content effectively to generate more leads for your business. In this article, I’ll walk you through how to create a free quiz using Interact. It’s very easy to use and did I mention it’s FREE? If you’re bootstrapping it, like most online business owners, digital marketers, and bloggers, then you’ll love using Interact to create engaging quizzes that can be embedded on your website and shared on social media.

Need convincing? Interact explains why quizzes are the next big thing in marketing.

Step-by-Step How to Create a Free Quiz in Interact

Create an Interact account*, and then it will ask if this is your first time making a quiz. Select Yes.

Interact start screen

Then it will ask if you want to create a quiz from a template or from scratch. If you choose Template, you’ll see several industry options.

select industry for template

Now select the type of quiz.

select type of quiz

Choose a quiz template.

quiz template

Then you’ll be prompted to customize your quiz.

customize quiz

X out of this window and you’ll see the customization controls.

Customize the Cover page of your quiz by selecting the Quiz Title, Cover Image, Quiz Description and Start Button Text options.

Customize title

Select Styles to edit the colors and fonts.

Customize styles

Scroll down to the Questions section to customize your quiz questions.

Customize questions

Click the blue Set Correct Answer button to customize the correct answer.

set correct answers

Once you finish your questions, move to the Results section and customize each results page. Here you will set up the title, image, description and call to action button.

customize results

On the Call to Action button, you can customize the text and include the URL to a landing page which will include an opt-in form. In your description, entice people to click the action button with strong sales copy, such as Send My Marketing Guide or Send Me the eBook. Offer a free guide or eBook so that they will be more likely to click the button and opt in.

Note: Interact does offer upgraded paid accounts which will allow you to integrate your quiz with your email marketing software. They integrate with many email services such as ConvertKit, MailChimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Ontraport and more. Check out Interact’s pricing page for details*. If you choose to upgrade, you won’t need to direct your viewers to a landing page on your site; they can simply opt-in within your quiz.

If you click the blue Result Settings button, you can customize how your quiz-takers view their results.

customize result settings

Preview the quiz and take it to make sure it’s working properly. Once your quiz is ready, click Publish. By default, the quizzes created in the free version of Interact are made public. Then click Share and Embed to get your embed code. Set up a landing page on your website and embed the code.

Added steps you’ll want to take if you are using the quiz for lead generation is to create an opt-in form in your email service and create a landing page for the form. You’ll copy the URL of this landing page when customizing your Call to Action buttons on each quiz results page.

It’s super easy to create free quizzes using the templates in Interact. But, what if you want to create your quiz from scratch? Here’s how to do that.

On your Interact dashboard, click the Create New Quiz button. Then select From Scratch from the options.

For this example, we’ll create a Personality quiz.

personality quiz

If it’s your first time creating a quiz from scratch with Interact, a tutorial video series will pop up. The videos are very short, and it’s a good idea to watch them to see the flow of creating a quiz.

When creating a quiz from scratch, you’ll start with the Cover page. Add your title, image, and description and customize the start button, hovering over each section to select it. Also, click Styles to customize the colors and fonts.

untitled quiz

When setting up the cover page, make it enticing. Draw the viewers in and make them want to take the quiz. Give it an intriguing title, a captivating image, and fun description. Here’s the cover page of a quiz we created for one of our clients.

jennys cover page

When you create a quiz from scratch, you’ll customize the results before the answers. Scroll down to Results and start adding each result, customizing the page with a heading, an image, and a description. Edit the call to action button to include engaging text and a URL to the results landing page where you will have an opt-in form embedded, as mentioned above in the instructions for creating a quiz from a template.

jennifer results page

After you have all of your results pages added, move down to the Questions section. Start adding questions and answers and customize each question page. In the example, we used a custom image for the question and text answers. You could also do the reverse, use text questions and image answers.

question 1

For each question, click the blue Edit Result Correlations button. On this screen select the correct result for each answer. You can see here why you want to set your results first, then your answers. You’ll need the answers to appear when you set up the result correlations.

results correlations

When you’ve finished creating the quiz, you’re ready to preview it, then publish and get your embed code.

Once your quiz goes live, and all of your email automation and landing pages are set up, be sure to go back into the Social Share Settings in your quiz and add a link to the landing page where your quiz is held so that it can be shared on social media. Also, add an image and a call to action message that will encourage people to share and participate in your quiz.

social share settings


Best Practices for Creating Lead Generation Quizzes

Quizzes are a fun, engaging way to generate leads. They’re highly shareable, and if you make them attractive to your ideal customer and tie them to a valuable free offer, they are an effective tactic to fill your sales funnel with leads. Here are a few best practices when creating quizzes:

  • Give the quiz an engaging title
  • Draw on popular culture and trends to make the quiz appeal to your ideal buyer
  • Keep the quiz short – about five to ten questions
  • Let your quiz takers know it’s a short quiz in the description
  • Offer something of value to entice people to opt-in at the end of the quiz

To learn more about how to use quizzes, check out this article - Interactive Content: How Your Company can use Quizzes, Calculators, and Interactive White Papers for Lead Generation

Ready to take your inbound marketing to the next level? We’ll work with you to develop an effective content marketing strategy that includes interactive content that generates leads. Contact us for an evaluation of your current SEO and digital marketing strategy and recommendations on getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

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