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Anatomy of a Content Marketing Blog Article (Infographic)

Jun 20, 2018
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Content, content, content! Is there anything more overwhelming to decipher when you are launching your website? Your blog content is one of the most valuable assets you can develop for your online platform.

Your website is one of most important ways you can introduce yourself to potential clients and customers. So, while I won't suggest you write every article with the exact same formula, there are several details you can add to each blog post to help your writing stand out in a sea of internet content.

Anatomy of a Content Marketing Blog Article Infographic rev (1)

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Beth Walker

By Beth Walker

Beth Walker is a Content Strategist who is passionate about storytelling. She leads our In-House writing team and works closely with clients and Inbound Strategists to ensure all the content SMA creates meets SEO best practices and tells each client's unique story.

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