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Building Relationships Through Email Marketing

Mar 14, 2019
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Building Relationships Through Email MarketingWith proper execution, the addition of a strategic email marketing plan is a huge asset to your digital marketing efforts. In fact, according to HubSpot, email is one of the only marketing channels we can use to build an authentic relationship with the humans that keep our businesses alive. Building relationships through email marketing can’t be done through spam or through a message that offers your reader no value. There is a technique to building relationships through email that takes time, planning and most importantly, authenticity.

How to Build Relationships Through Email Marketing

Communicate properly with your readers.

Many marketers write their emails as if they are some form of advertising or announcement. If your email sounds too much like a sales pitch, more than likely, it will end up in your reader’s trash bin. Instead, consider writing your email as if it were a direct, casual conversation between you and one of your readers. Your readers want to be communicated with, not communicated to. Several studies reveal this tactic is highly successful.

Keep your message brief.

In the digital marketing sphere, we often argue that “you only have a few seconds to capture your customer’s attention once they reach the homepage of your website.” The same applies to your email. Lengthy marketing emails are often unnecessary. While some emails may be longer than others, try to maintain an appropriate length for your message. The goal of many marketing emails is to get the reader to take an action. If your message is too long, it is likely your reader will give up reading long before they reach the call to action (CTA). If you choose to share a lengthier marketing email, make sure to include your CTA in the first or second paragraph as well as the end of the email so you don’t lose a conversion opportunity.

Make it personal.

Personalization is proven to increase open rates and drive revenue by as much as 760%. A common personalization tactic includes adding your reader's name in the subject line. But, there are many personalization strategies that go far beyond this. Check out this article for some email personalization techniques.

Make sure your emails provide value.

When someone subscribes to your emails, they are looking for something in particular: value. If you want your subscribers to actually read what you have to say, you need to make your emails worth their time. Rather than focusing your email content entirely around self-promotion, make sure your emails reflect the needs of your customers. From the subject line to the content and images, you need to make sure you’re connecting the value of your brand to your reader.

Be consistent, but don’t attempt to communicate too often.

No one likes an inbox full of marketing emails. Sending too many marketing emails could encourage your readers to unsubscribe. Knowing when to cap off your marketing emails depends entirely on how well your email marketing strategy is performing. It is important to pay attention to your response rate and make sure you are providing value in every email.

Whether you are an experienced marketing professional or novice business owner, you can easily leverage email to build a relationship with your audience. Not only will you please your audience, but using email effectively can help you build your customer acquisition and profits significantly.

Struggling to develop a successful email marketing strategy? Contact SMA Marketing today! We would love to help you engage with your contacts in a way that benefits both your audience and your brand!

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Amanda Marra

By Amanda Marra

Amanda is SMA's Lead SEO Strategist working from her home office in Port Orange, FL. She is passionate about SEO and the Inbound Methodology. As a Florida native, she enjoys spending her spare time at the beach with her beloved dogs, Bentley and Kona.

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