3 Simple Steps to Engage Your Website Visitors & Build Brand Identity

3 Simple Steps to Engage Your Website Visitors & Build Brand Identity

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The first engagement most visitors will have with your business is online. Your website is the doorway to your company and, more importantly, your brand. How your brand connects with people can mean the difference between a good business and a great business. Let’s talk about three simple ways we can improve your brand identity and, in return, create a better website experience for our visitors!

3 Ways to Build Brand Identity


Understanding your audience is the key to your branding and website’s success. Before clearly defining your content, you need to understand who you are developing it for. This can be done in a number of ways from analyzing your current customer base, to your industry trends and competitors.


Once you have established who your audience is, then you need to drill down further and find a focal point. What is the main or primary problem that your target audience experiences and that your business has the answer/solution for? By having a clear focus, you can be sure to attract more qualified leads and help distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Plan & Deliver

This is often the most forgotten step when it comes to website branding. You’ve defined your audience and found your focus, but without a plan of action, you will get nowhere. Take the time upfront to lay out your plan. We recommend starting with the home page. Think about everything. Content, flow, how the visitor will interact with the content, the navigation, and images. It all matters. By having a plan, you will be sure that all the work you did in the previous two steps will be put to good use.

Users will decide within seconds whether or not your website and, more importantly, your brand is one they want to engage with. Because your website is the front door for a majority of your new leads, it’s essential to give a great first impression. It’s more than just a few pages of information on the Internet. It is the foundation of your online branding efforts and, when done well, can set your company apart from the competition.

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